B's Testimony

In 2006, the most amazing thing happened to me and now I realized that it did change my life forever. I met Jesus ! Back then and as a muslim guy I felt happy that I did see him and that he talked to me but his message in my dream was really weird for me and made me think what did it mean and why it happened.

I didn't know back then that our Lord appears to many muslims in their dreams and talk to them to bring them back to him. I believe now that Jesus knocks on everyone's door at least once in a lifetime. If its in a dream or maybe by using someone else to share the Lord's glory with him.

My dream started while I was walking near Herod's Gate and a great light appeared in front of me. It was Jesus. I knew him but I don't know how I did but it was obvious to me that its him. He approached to me and took my hand and asked me to walk with him. We walked all the way around the old city's walls and reached the Dung Gate. We didn't enter the gate but we descend to a place exactly right to the gate between some plants and grass. Then Jesus reached his hand to the old city wall and it was like a small dark hole and he grabbed a Bible from it and gave me it. He told me to sit there and read it. Then he left.

I remembered waking up from this dream all confused and can't think of anything but this. I couldn't even ask anyone about it because it was so weird to me and as a Muslim (back then) I felt happy because I saw one of God's prophets and I didn't know that it was HIM whom I saw.

Two years later I started to have another dream repeated for at least three times, which made me wonder what's going on ! The dream was really simple. I used to sit in the 3rd row in a church, closing my eyes and bending my head as if I am praying and there was no one in the church but I can remember the colored glass in front of me and the huge cross in this big church. There was no sounds --nothing at all just me sitting and praying.

This time I had a chance to ask some christian guys I play basketball with every week and they were really nice to me. So I decided to ask one of them called S. I knew S since 2003 and I used to study with his sister and he used to be really nice to me whenever he see me. So we spoke in private and he told me that I am not the first to have such dreams and that the Lord visits Muslims usually in their dreams. I told him I want to know more about Christianity just out of knowledge so he told me that he will bring me a Bible next week and to read it and then if I would like to join them in their meetings I am more than welcomed.

The next week I was playing basketball and S and his friends finished playing and he approached to me and hand me the bible in a fast way as if I am taking drugs from him because the rest of the players I play with are all Muslims and they will think something different about me and even about S himself so all that happened in a blink.

I got back home and started reading in the Bible. I started to love Jesus the human and how he treats the people around him and the love he share and spread with people. The more I read the more I get thirsty and wanted more.

After four days I met one of the guys next to Damascus gate and he told me that tomorrow they have their weekly meeting so I couldn't resist asking him where they meet because I really wanted to see what they do in their meetings and how they pray to God. I took all the details I need and the next day I went there on time. I entered and I saw many friendly faces welcoming me. I was so scared to see anyone who knows me or my family. So I sat in the last row and tried as much not to look around me and get noticed. But I have to admit that I felt so happy inside.

At 5 the meeting started and all people around me where singing on the music and praising the Lord. It was really weird for me the way they pray to God because I am not used to sing & dance for God in order to worship him and praise him. In Islam they even forbid the music and when they play music they make sure its about profit Muhammad or other Islamic subject I wont go throw. But to sing for God this is like something really weird because if you want to praise God you should read the Quran or do the standard Islamic prayers.

I started to read the Bible every night before I sleep and I used to make sure no one will enter my room while I am reading as if I am doing something so wrong. I started to get deeper in God's word and the more I read the more I want to discover more teachings and wisdom from Jesus. I started to join the meetings every week and started to sit in the first row not the last because I started to feel I am on the right way and that I got chosen by God. But I still couldn't understand how come Jesus is God !

I asked the guys to explain this to me and they did explain why God came to earth and gave us his only son to die for us to sacrifice all of us for our sin but still there was something missing I couldn't get it as an old Muslim because in Islam God is so holy that you cant compare him to anyone so how come he came to earth and died on a cross for us. So they prayed for me and they asked the Lord to reveal himself to me in my dreams and made me understand this.

At the same night I had another dream. I saw a very bright light and here is Jesus again and this time he told me: "B I want you to spread my word". That’s all what he told me and I woke up feeling so relieved and happy because I kind a got an answer. Jesus gave me a very clear evidence that he is the Lord by telling me "My Word" and not "God's Word" because he is God. So I sent S a message telling him what I heard and saw in my dream and since that time and I am doing my best to serve the Lord and I can't deny him.

I spoke to my mother about my faith and she is really ok about it but she asked me not to spread the news because she doesn't want any harm to me since the community here doesn't accept anyone who converts from Islam to something else and sometimes its ok for them to follow no religion than following Jesus and declare that you are a Christian, that’s how much they don't like it and they will fight it because that’s what is written in Quran.

If you read this testimony please pray for all the Muslims, starting with my family to know the lord and follow him. Pray that the Lord will appear in their dreams and give them courage to read his Word and not to be scared to ask about him. Pray that they will open the door for Jesus when he comes and knock on it. Pray that they will start question everything and to get to know the truth and not take the religion as it is. Pray for a revival in our lands, the revival will not happen without the people who has faith. We are these people and we are the revival. Pray for Muslims everywhere starting in Mecca, Cairo, Amman & the holy land.

Muslims needs prayers and to bless them because they just don't know! God bless the Muslims and bless you all.

One more thing, to follow the Lord is one of the hardest things you will ever do but remember that the Lord will give each one of us his own cross that we can carry. At the same time, your faith will give you lots of blessings and happiness. So no matter how hard & heavy your cross is, you will have the most amazing feeling when you are between the Lord's arms and to know that you were saved and will spend your eternity by his side singing and dancing for him. He will bless you now and will never leave your side. He is loyal and loves us no matter how much we sinned. He forgives us and wait for us to get back to him and he will be happy to have us back. I knew the way and I hope you will too.

God bless you all,


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