Dear Saints,
I believe that there is always power when brethren get together to pray for one another no matter the distance between them.
We have been in the last few years going through a lot of issues. It all started with the rigged ellections which led to post election violence. This led to the country seeing more than 1000 lives lost with more than 100,000 people being like aliens in their own country.
After this and with the dust settling down, now we have fermine which is like we have never seen in this nation. so far more 19 people have died and we were equally shocked the other day to see one of the dailies report that people have turned to pig food as it is cheaper and afordable than cereals. pig food goes for Ksh. 1,200 (US$17.5) for 90-Kg bag while maize goes for Kshs. 3000 (US$43) and wheat floor Kshs. 4000 (US$57) for 90-kg bag.
the other day we went as a ministry to one of the villages and donated food to the villagers which costed us about Kshs. 70,000 (US$1000) we could not just stop weeping at how the people aropund here are suffering with the main casualties being children, old people and pregnant mothers.
We are kindly requesting that you join us in prayers that the Lord will bring rain and that people can once again plan and that the rains will be enough to sustain the crops through to be ready for harvesting. We are requesting for your prayers.

Love and blessings.

Pst Johnstone

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