Jesus ask the disciples Who Do You Say I AM? And if anyone ask you who you are in God? How can you response with answer.

Jesus ask the disciples who do say who I am?

and one of the discip[les spoke and said that you are the Prophet Elisha; an Peter said that you are the Son of the Living God. And Jesus said that the person that reveal it to you were the Holy Ghost.

If anyone ask me who I was in God I will return with an truthful answer.

I am God anointed Apostle that he call And Ordained from my Mother's womb to go out set those Churches/The Houses of Worships back on the Rightful Path. the Apostlic Ministry that God in-trusted in me to bring deliverance to the captive/and bind the hands of the Devil. That's just what I will give them as a sample because it so much to do in Apostlic ministry that you could not tell everything to an individual.

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