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Praise the Lord...

I will make my answer brief... Absolutely NOT! How can Jesus, who declares in His Word.. that He is both Almighty.. and THE BEGINNING and the ENDING.. have a creator or be created? If He is the beginning, then He is eternal, and is Himself eternity! Jesus was not created, He was the Creator.

- Pastor Marshall

Some translations do not say that Jesus is the "first and the last." The scriptures confirm that Jesus is the wisdom of God. Proverbs 8:22 says that God created this wisdom, and Proverbs 3:19-20 says that wisdom founded the earth. Put these together, and you have the fact that Jesus was created by God. Jesus' origin is the father, and the father is the ONLY one who is uncreated. To counter your question, which is pretty much an answer within it.... How can one who was uncreated, die?
Greetings Bro Pierce

If I may ask what translations are you reading. Thanks

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips

I read the LXX(Septuagint), Hebrew Masoretic Text, NASB, ESV, and any version that is inline with the law & the prophets.
The only thing in line with the Sages and Nosi of Yisrael is the Torah...Or better the TaNaKh.
If anybody would take the time to see the difference(s) between the Wescott and Hort version(s)so prevalent today and the Original Hebrew Text hen you and any serious student would know the Misconstruction by the Imperial church.

All the Scrolls of Adonai, the commentary of the Sages and the novi are all taken together in the Midrash...however at the end of the day it all refers back to the original text...Not the replacement book from Rome which simply causes all the problem and division.

Try the Stone TaNaKh.

You can order on hereto assist further study.

More subjects to further your study Enjoy your journey ~~~
Aleichem Shalom..."Y*T"

Im very cautious of buying these books because these books are Rabbinic in nature. You saying "novi",.... what is that? Are you trying to say Navi/Naviim-- Prophets/Prophets?
Mr. Pierce,...Your Caution is keeping you from the inherent truth...What came first Rome's version or the Hebrew Version?

Simple, the Shema Israel is One with HaShem.

She ( Israel) is not a prostitute,... She has Emunah... the Bride of YHVH was established at Has Sinai. She is the Virtous Bride of G-d.
Her story in correct interpolation is within the Scrolls of Adonai and the Sages keep ever watchful over them...I suggest you open your eyes my young student. Just simply open your eyes.

Nothing has changed my friends but the lies of Rome...

The door is closing. I suggest we get back to Biblical Basics Neighbors

May the Master show you and all who ask the question "Show me your truth oh Master'.

Give me a Break,... Obviously you do not understand the Hebrew concept of Moshiach.

Nor the deeper understanding of the Adam Kadmon,... the First man,... the Blueprint for all humanity.

Perhaps this will help someone grasp a better or more full understanding of the Moshiac~~whats involved from those who wrote the book( Original and Only book)~~This lecture is part of a series titled "The Seventy Most Difficult Questions" by Rabbi Elyahu Kin. In this lecture Rabbi Kin discusses the concepts of Mashiach and Redemption. What do they represent to Jews and what is their significance to the world.


What does me being cautious of Rabbinic literature have anything to do with my understanding of Messiah?
Absolutely everything James,.... Absolutely everything~~

Watch the video and then Call me we will talk.

Rabbinic literature has nothing per se, to deal with my understanding of the Messiah. I can get that just by reading "what is written." I am completely aware of some of the beliefs of the Rabbis of Oral Torah, especially in the Rabbah Ruth. But, I do not need Rabbinic literature for a greater understanding.
Your Loss and that is arrogance my friend ...simply self in the way....Sorry you could not take the short time to see the Video..and follow with a mature discourse..
Shalom ...your destiny is set.

“For the matter (of observing Torah and mitzvot) is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it.”


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