John 11:35


The above scripture is the shortest in the Bible, but it bring these questions to mind, why did Jesus weep and what was the spiritual conditions of society during Jesus' day? The setting was the brother of Mary and Martha had died whom Jesus loved and had raised him from the dead.

Jesus' tears showed heartfelt emotions for His friend just as He does for all humanity. Jesus weeping showed His human side even though He was God in the flesh. Jesus feels our pain and hurt. Therefore, He is there to provide comfort in our time of need and is our ever present shepherd protecting, guiding and continuously loving us.

To answer the second question, Jesus wept over the conditions of the city of Jerusalem which had fallen away from its creator and sustainer. The people and their leaders expected a political change when Jesus was bringing a spiritual change in the lives of all humanity. He was preparing to die for the sins of the world thereby paving the way for all who believe to have eternal life.

Jesus' weeping was over the human conditions of the world and He certainly would weep today. This question comes to mind, is my life of such that it would cause Jesus to weep or rejoice?

Jesus wept; a Savior who cares deeply.


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