The need for women to have a positive and fulfilling network of friends that would provide support, dedication and love. It is my desire to continue to open my heart and home to those in need. With the support and encouragement of many i created and established the sisterhood which is today an inspiration and outlet to many women.

Fellowship offers so many benefits. What better way to get to know someone better than by spending time with them in a positive environment. You will be compelled to open your heart and mind to all that is available to you through the humble yet invigorating workshops and events. We support unity, togetherness and comradary and fellowship completes them all. Encouragement and support are key factors for friendship that are found to be missing today. Our values are Honesty, Fear of God, Love for All, Search for Wisdom and Loyalty. These values form the base of our Sisterhood.

With other Kingdom Daughters that you can meet you can establish meetings, workshops and events structured to motivate, empower and educate women in every area of their lives. Workshops can vary but are great tools of open instruction and create a sound platform for discussion and connection. As women we all have something to relate to each other about, we just have to take the time to talk and listen. Workshops cover current local and national issues, motivational topics, parenting, financial development and many others that directly impact women and their families.

Kingdom Daughters, WE ALL have a purpose in life and we NEED to nurture each others dreams, expectations and goals. We should push and offer total support in continuing education, business ownership and spiritual development. Through the Sisterhood you are encouraged to pursue your dreams and goals. We strive to support each other through trials, good time and those most challenging.

Opportunity is here. With much needed support, we have many volunteer opportunities and community partnership. There is room for all to sow a seed, grow and make a difference.


Visionary Valarie D. Coleman

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