My fellow ministers, we have followed titles as the name of THE FATHER for along time now and we need to know the TRUE name of the FATHER. Fellow ministers the name jehovah, yahweh, I AM, and others are not the name of the father but rather titles, and our Heavenly Father must not have the titles as His name. But by the grace of the Father, the has been revealed and my mission to make all nations know Our Heavenly FATHER and know everything of Him. Because these things, are being difficult for christains of today and Father did make us that way. Christ said "You will know the Truth and the truth shall set you free" but many but lack this truth, So are reveal the truth about the Father to all churches who will invite us, because our Mission CHRIST-LIKE to make man return to the glory of being like God.
contact me on yahoo messenger ( or to Know about the TRUE name of THE FATHER. May peace be with you all.

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Don't take offense to someone who doesn't even know the scriptures himself. It's only out of ignorance that he speaks. A personal relationship with GOD is still a mystery to him, and that shows that he wouldn't understand you either.
So true Trevor.

With that wise advice, I will simply pray for this pastor and others like him.
Chaplain Pat Harris, as I wrote earlier, do not take things personal because we are all learning from each other. I may have learn one or two things from what you wrote but you may not know and so you can also learn from me too, as we all allow ourselves to do this then we will move the whole world with the perfect ministry of Christ Jesus, Our Lord And Saviour.When Christ was even teaching His people, they always think He was condemn them as you also think.

In John 8:26, Christ tells His people that He has so many things against them as we are also seeing wrongs in the Christ's ministry and He went on again to tell them that what he receive from the one who sent Him is what he gives to them, so whatever we give on this site is not from us but from the revelation of Jesus Christ to put His people on His right worship.And Christ tells us again John 9:39 that its for judgment that He came to the World so for we who are blind may see the truth because others who have the truth are sitting on it, and also this people too who think they know the truth, also be made blind.

Chaplain Pat Harris, Christ words that He takes from His Father judges, as He made us know in John 12:48 - 50 and this was reason why when He spoke to those who were about to stone the woman was caught in adultery John 8:1 - 11, leave the stones down because the words which came out of Him judge them in-wardly, making them to know that they are not saved, and needed watch their ways.

So Brother Pat please don't take things personal and anyone who thinks he has being condemn in some way, you may have fallen short some where in our messages but look at it critically and take the truth in them whole-heartily and not take it as a condemnation.
May peace be with you all
Pastor Teye:

As I stated in my earlier post . . .

Since you claim to know God's name, why not share here on BPN? Why do we have to contact you personally? For those who are able to receive this information as truth, praise the Lord; for those who cannot, then the rest of us should just pray for them with hope they will get it sooner or later.

Chaplain Patricia Harris
I have a Problem with this,through all the great Apostles Paul,Peter,John,Prophets such as Moses,David,etc. now you come along and God has reveled to you to know his true name? On top of this we must contact you through some web site and e mail etc. [RED FLAGG].. The bible clearly states his name simply put Father God. The bible says God requires our worship ,praise and reverance of him and him alone. God does not put his child in a box. I can call my earhly father, dad, sir, mr. so and so . as long as I reverance him as my eartly dad. Now I have a spritual father who is my Lord and saviour. I can call him wonderfull counselor,bridge over trouble waters, my way out of no way . as long as i worship him in spirit and in truth. God is not caught up in a name, He is caught up In PRAISE and WORSHIP of Him and Him alone. these type of posts straggles the body of Christ ,for people waste preciuos time on non-estentials. Our primary purpose should be if a person is Saved or not. example is Christ your Lord and Saviour
Amen Pastor Valentine!
Pastor valentine, God has made us know in Joel 2:32, that anyone who shall call on His name shall be saved, meaning that, we knowing His true is very important, because if it is not important then He will not talk about it, so you must not think of it that way, for example when you talk about earthly father, you said you can choose call your earthly by sir, mr, dad, and so on, okay, let me ask you this, your children call you by dad, but is that your name? or you being called a pastor is that also your name? as you said in this case that child just acknowledge you as His earthly father but along that your still knows your true name and calls you by that when he is asked by someone and when the need be, showing how important your true name is. So we must know the true name of our Spiritual Father, so as to not just call Him titles but call Him by His TRUE NAME when the need be.

Pastor I want you to understand something that you can only worship the Father in truth and in Spirit when you know everything about Him, you can not worship Him in just some way. So if you worship God by acknowledging by titles then I do not thing you are fulfilling the Truth and the Spirit in John 4:24. Because you have the Spirit but lacks some truth. Jesus Christ also said in John 17:6 that He the Son has made THE FATHER and his name, known to those He the Father gave Him the Son. Showing How important is it to know all and everything about the father.

Our mission is not saying you should contact us because of something but to make you know the TRUTH in a very understandable way because knowing this truth takes alot of lessons, We can give you the TRUE name but if you are not of the Spirit of the Father you will find it difficult to understand, We are will teach you why the Name is that for you to also be capable of standing questions which will come with it when you believe and start teaching you church.

May peace be with you all
Pastor Teye:

Since you claim to know God's name, why not share here on BPN? Why do we have to contact you personally? For those who are able to receive this information as truth, praise the Lord; for those who cannot, then the rest of us should just pray for them with hope they will get it sooner or later.

You present this information about God's true name as though it was some secret knowledge, and this is not biblical. However, since you are a pastor, and I am assuming a man of integrity who does not wish to hinder the spiritual growth of God's people, would have no problem with sharing this vital information on this website.

This should be good!!!.................
It is my opinion that Yahweh is not his name. The name Yahweh is a proposed name of Elohim. There are so many variable opinions of His name, and everyone has their proof. I rather simply call Him Yah or Hashem.
"Hashem" isn't His name either!! YAH is only half of HIS entire name. YHWH is the holy name of the FATHER, but we often have problems with pronunciation due to a lack of vowels.

I would much rather stick with the name YAHWEH, or YAH, but not Hashem.
I also prefer to stick with the name YAHWEH, YAH or YHWH.


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