Why cant you see the division in the body??????? your preaching and teaching in your churches but no one is putting down denominational backgrounds and saying we need to go back to God,reconcile and fullfill his purpose. Everyone body talking bout this and that But no one is promoting unity. And please dont say you do because i can hear talking about the church around the corner...... they unlearned, God didnt call no women, they church full of punks, they not ready. well if you so spiritual and see things we need to see the thing thats really keeping us from the mark. the world will not line up until church line up. call BLAKES,JAKES MORTON and all the other big wigs and organization and lets do this thing together. we are to busy worring about our own interpetation of the word wanting to have the next GREAT WORD. I got it for you UNITY AMONG THE SAINTS. Call these people call your pastor. ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!


 And this ONES THING thats got the church seperated WHO CARES!!!!!!! my oppioion they all deserve honor and praise so give it to them.



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