It's time to drop the bags. So many women have faced the demonic oppression from their memories of child-hood pains, heartache, sorrow, and shame. Statistics show that one out of every ten women have been victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse and or emotional abuse. Girls grow up to become women carrying on their shoulder and in their hearts the bags of misery from their yesterday with the added stuff picked up along the way, such as bad/broken relationships, rejection, self pity, anger, bitterness, apathy, and the list just goes on and on. The results are manifested in total rebellion against authority, especially the authority of God. I could have dealt with the easy feel good - tear jerkers and take a moment to go through the analytical questions, only for you to come to the agreement that the root problem is that many women are angry with God and because they are angry with God they operate and live in rebellion to His Word. (I will pause right here and let you think about this and make comments) TBC....God Bless

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Bag discussion pick up - When I was young, I remember when my mother explained to me why women could now use Ms. instead of Miss or Mrs. She explained that a woman could choose to you use Ms. instead of identifying herself as married or single. She now had a choice. She explained that if she wanted to instead of using Mrs. Addison she could just use Ms. Addison. I hadn't given that much thought in years until recently. Now I ask the question, what was so wrong about a woman being identified as single or married. Why couldn't the yes I am or no I am not be ok. My conclusion now is that we bought into the lie of the enemy and we began to ride the wave and tide of rebellion that just seems to keep rolling in. I got to tell you that God did create man first. He did create woman for man. God design this thing called FAMILY!

God does have perfect plan called FAMILY!

I ask you now, where is the Woman in the Family? Where did she go and why did she leave. She may be in the house, but the home is not in her. The woman turns the House into a Home. There are a lot of houses but few Homes. I ask you to review history and notice how the change of heart of Women, who no longer desired or wanted to be or do what God created and designed for them began to impact the Family.

I am at the point of real talk. No feelllllly good sound bites. Our homes are in shambles. Our children look like and act like they have lost their minds. Babies making Babies is the norm. To lay and play with multiple partners and folk you don't know, just met in the club or grocery story is cool and they call it making love. They (both our girls and boys) think its cute/cool to walk around with their behinds blowing in the breeze. Welfare mentality! Whore mentality! Dog/Thug mentality! Bitch mentality! Prison mentality! Pimp mentality! shall I continue. It is time for the women of God to face the truth, expose the lie and take our rightful place in the Family.

We can't do that without acknowledging where we have gone wrong. Yes the woman's place is in the Home! It is her castle! She is the woman of the House! Where you at woman?!

We have to deal honestly with the past and pour out the junk in our bags and replace it with the Word of God. Yes It was God who established the family. God created Adam after He completed making the earth, sun, and animals. In Genesis God says, "It is not good for the man [Adam] to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him [Eve]." (Gen. 2:18 NASB)

God said in Genesis, "...Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the see and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth" (Gen. 2:28 NASB). God established marriage and now establishes the parenting mandate. He later gives more detail in Deuteronomy 6:7.

I can tell you, that you have the power to overcome anything. I can tell you that victory is yours. I can tell you that if you wait on the Lord, he will make everything alright. I can tell you that I know that things might be hard right now. I know that you might be burden down and feel like giving up, but if you just hold on, Jesus will fix it. I could tell you that. But I am not. Not right now anyway. What I am going to tell you now is that you have to make Jesus Christ Lord of your life and that requires that you let loose the baggage. It requires that you turn over to Him your pride; your logic; your rights; your id, your ego and locus of control.

God chose the concept of family relationships to communicate His relationship to us. For example, "Father" in its purest form, is how God describes His relationship with us, and He calls us His children. Jesus is referred to as God's only begotten "Son." The church is called the "Bride of Christ." And believers in Scripture are regarded as "brothers and sisters in Christ." The concept of family is well evidenced in the Bible.
I have to go now...But I want you to prayerfully think about this and be honest with yourself. Do you really love and obey God! You can always test your answer by just opening up His word.

This is wonderful Evangelist Addison. I pray women and men receive this message.


God Bless


Rev. K. Jones

Thank you so much for this information. I will had these to my library. We have to move to a place of complete liberation which is in Christ Jesus. It is knowing the truth that will make us free.

God bless


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