Where I do not disagree with you, I yet have questions and interests that I want clarified. it's time for you men to please stop being so touchy and offensive. If it is your job to educate us dumb and stupid women, then do your jib and stop taking everything so personal! You can ask a stupid question or get something misconstrued and there is no one undermining you. Why are you doing this to me? That isn't fair. Can't you fellsa say anything to anyone without having to abuse them?! Anything at all?! Does everything a woman may say or ask cause you so much disturbance that she must be lying on God. I asked a question, a question. You never asked me why do you think that or what gave you that impression or anything to ask me. You just jumped all over me and talked about me like I am not a child of the God you claim to know and love. I thought we are here for one another to help one another to have discussions with one another. Let me ask you this. if an unbeliever asked this question, would you have responded to them in this same manner? Because if you would, that could be a soul you would have lost; instead of gained for the kingdom.

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Thank you dear brother for that word of encouragement. But, I have written an apology because I did aloow my flesh to get the better of me and felt I needed to defend myself. The Lord dealt with my heart on the matter and I have repented to Him and I repent to evryone whom I may have and I thinl have offended. Please forgive me and I won't let it happen again. I will ask controversial questions because that's what I do. it's only to help those who don't know to learn, and for those who know to stretch. But, I never mean hurt or arguments. The Word of the Lord came to me saying, "But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing they engender strifes. And you are so right that there are people who are not saved reading about our faith and we are to be careful not to project a negative influence on our God and His kingdom. For this cause I send my heart-felt apologies to all of you. I love you in Jesus name.


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