The big idea.

While XALT is a private social network, it was never meant to be

a bubble for believers to hide from the world. It is our goal to

create a safe, fun social network that XALTs Christ. Jesus was all

about relationships.  He was a master at making connections with

people and He knew that even though it took time, effort and

energy, making just one connection could affect thousands of lives,

for generations to come.  Never underestimate the Xponential power of one.

It's all about X - Friends - You:

It’s safe:

We utilize dedicated servers and dedicated firewalls to prevent

hackers from infiltrating our network.  We are serious about the

security and safety of our members.  All transactions are sent

over a secure sockets layer connection to further protect

personal information. 

It’s private:

Another layer of security is simply the fact that it is a private,

paid network.  Most spammers and other “no-gooders” will

look for easier, free targets.  Unlike other networks, we don’t

have to sell personal information to make money.  Free social

networks do have a price.

It’s family friendly:

With language filters and dedicated personnel moderating the

open forums, members can rest assured the XALT community

is a safe and friendly place.  Our code of conduct and

guidelines for photos, videos and text postings are more

stringent than the open, free social networks.  

It’s Robust:

XALT boosts a powerful set of social tools designed to make


connecting with people fun and easy!  Sporting a familiar


interface and advanced communication features, members


will not be held back by the platform as they connect and share.


This way we can do our part to take the edge from these


sexual Predators that are Preying our Young People.


Bishop JL Ary



(209) 401-1559

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