Several years back I had the good fortune of meeting a woman that sparked a bit of intrigue in me that I still sense to this day.  The remarkable thing regarding her was that she, being more advanced in years, seemed livelier in character than I. As the conversation intensified we studied one another earnestly, dispelling any chance of deceit.  As this person confided in me of her gallant adventures, I ministered to her by sharing my walk with GOD.

     Long after my memory of this encounter faded, I received a card reviving the moment as she told of the impression I had made on her. To my surprise, this extraordinary caliber of a woman wrote of how fortunate she had been to have had such an experience with me, imagine that!   

    Looking back in retrospect and with humbled reminiscence I can not but marvel at the astonishing people GOD carefully at one time or another placed in my path. Some have stood tower as pillars for many years, while others served as a right then thing.  Whichever, the case I feel it’s taken each serving in the capacity of which The LORD allotted to produce the effect of which they made.

   One plants, one waters, but it is GOD who gives the increase.  This passage of scripture commonly referring to the spiritual developmental process, grants some significance here (I Cor. 3:4-9).  Some individuals are placed in our lives to assist in formulation and development.  Others may come along and contribute in another area; and than another and so on; and so on. This may be momentary or until the purpose is served.  But only the LORD can promise, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Though we steadfastly love and admired those whom HE has nestled among us, we must be willing to let them continue in their pilgrimage should such a time arise. 

   GODLY interpersonal relationships between friends require nearly as much consideration and critiquing as romantic ones.  Especially if the intent desired is to be long lasting.  Noble biblical examples of friendships are: David & Jonathan; Ruth & Naomi; Saul & Barnabas; Jesus & the twelve.

     The woman who I afore mentioned was indeed a literal one.  Yet this was not an opportunity to draft her into my membership, or make her a personal confidante, but to receive her as a timely event.  Pressing beyond that day may have changed the outcome.  So how do we know who and when to hold on to?  The answer became clear but, only after so many failed relationships where I tried to hold on to someone who was desperately seeking to get away.

    Have you ever been involved in a relationship you desired to discontinue that had become outdated or reached its peak?  Or perhaps you relocated, and returned to visit and met with outdated, blank conversations. Of course we treat such with love. 

    Would you want to be in a relationship where you were merely tolerated, or considered a tag along?  

    When relationships become stale or out of tune, I suggest note dropping or card sending. This should be done prayerfully using discretion.  GOD forbid, we would dare damage any in our indifference, since the circumstances can ebb and flow. 

     We must be openly aware that many right now encounters are solely for the purpose of future experiences.  And at best we must preserve the lesson of such acquaintances for the benefit of GODS whole plan.  Many people enter into marriages and business relationships that were only intended for the moment. 

      Such behavior patterns can be observed in those caught in the web of dead end employment positions; lacking the vision to move on.  Associations or interactions such as these should be utilized only as stepping stones. I classify them as, “filler projects."  Yet because of our inability to filter immediate emotions, we become trapped and our future gets away. 

      I have often seen where individuals sacrifice the future promise on impulse rationale.  The result being:  divorce, drug addiction, fornication, abortion, rape, murder and eternal damnation. Remember when its time to let go, let go.

  And by contrast, if the stabilizing forces GOD has placed in our lives were dismissed, because those we should have let go of influenced us. When you have discovered you have mistakenly dismissed a true friend.  One who understands and loves you dearly, genuinely repent; a GODLY association will always be glad for your return.     -Blessings! 

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Thank you Pastor Betty Williams for the lesson on "Letting Go" as it reminds me when I was single looking for a wife, I dated three women in a seven year period separately. Each one broke my heart, and it was hard for me to let go, but I had to let go for God to move me into the relationship with the woman who was to be my wife. God causes all things to work together for our good, to those who are called according to His purpose.  The eternal purpose God has for all of us is to be like Jesus, and He molds us into His image by removing people from our lives that at contrary to His purpose for us. When we let go, and let God mold us, and remake us, we are more like Jesus as we allow the Holy Spirit to prune us, so that we bare much fruit. This is when the Father is glorified, when we bare much fruit, and when our fruit remains in our lives so that we do not become barren.  May the Lord bless you, and keep you is my prayer.

Thank you Minister George for this courtesy, and best wishes to you and your companion.


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