There are countless songs that talk about love. Some of these songs could best be described as baby making songs, or songs that speak only to a sexual nature.  Yet, the best love ballads are those which highlight the beauty of the one being talked about and how great it is to be in love.  In fact, former Motown artist Marvin Gaye originally recorded the Holland-Dozier-Holland song “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” in 1964.


The words of this song, give honor where it is due.  The lyrics talk about all the wonderful things that this woman does or you can flip it and say man. Not once does it highlight anything remotely negative or bring up issues that detract or question the love he has for this person.


Love is like a key one can use to access freedom. Simply put, there is no way that you can whole-heartedly love someone and remember negative things that they do.  Love covers a multitude of faults and bad behavior.  If you have kids, you know how they can work that last nerve to the point that you have to remember why you had them.  It was because you love them.  No matter what your child does, it doesn’t stop you from loving them.  You may not like what they do, but you don’t stop loving them.  


The thing is when you truly love a person and I mean love, you don’t continually bring up the things they’ve done to hurt you or cause you pain.  Consider what you have done to others. Would you like for everything you did to be brought to you by someone who says they love you.  When you keep records of the wrong that people have done, you never allow yourself to experience the fullness of what they have to offer.  In essence, you are being held back by your own thoughts, fears and experiences and cannot move forward. If you expect to unlock freedom and success in your life, start by unlocking that door that holds love.  Its power is ready to be unleashed.


I'm just sayin'

Love you to life!



Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Romans 12-2a (Msg)

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