The Man in the Mirror

Characteristics of a Godly Person

Everyone looks at something that intrigues you and want to take it apart to see how it works, what the inside looks like, what makes it tick? Today I ask you to look in the mirror and see what it is in that God would like.

1) Dismantle the Apostle Paul - Daniel - Joseph

(outside they look like any other men but on the inside what did it look like?)

2) Godly people come in all images: men & women, short & tall, skinny & broad, various colors, rich & poor, high & low IQ BUT on the inside there is a consistently that seems to repeat itself regardless of the outside.

We sometimes look at ourselves in the mirror and admire the outer crest but never dig deep enough to see what really is going on behind that façade. The bitterness, the anger, the pity party, the deceit, but we prance around the church proud with no power thereof the church in us.

We use long drawn out bible lessons, or sermons loud talking to look like you got a direct connection with God, but never listening to hear from God and we want to show that we know the word of God scriptural, we even quote a few verses, to give the image of God outside but the inner man is a wreck.


David gives us an inside look at a godly person. What is unique about them:



1) What does a godly person love?
2) What does a godly person know?
3) What does a godly person do?
4) What does a godly person feel?

What Makes a Godly Person, Godly


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In the man in the mirror is the reflection just an image, or is it who you really are? Should we face the image we see, confront the fears, say goodbye to the reflection, of doubt and confusion? 


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