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Martin Luther King's birthday is today so I would like to ask a very interesting question. Martin Luther King Jr HAD a dream. DO YOUNG BLACKS DISRESPECT WHAT HE STOOD FOR? Please don't take offense to the poetry in the video. One of the black officials in our City asked us to put this together to be shown at a King event a couple of years back. It was their goal to thwart the negative things that happen among our young black children.

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Wonderful Testimony Angeline!!!! You can't refute the changing power of our Lord and Saviour. All glory be to God.
Let me ask you both, How do you serve Jesus as your Lord and Savior?
Why Hez?
Because you both claim to serve him. I can prove how and why I serve Jesus. I don't think you can tell me how you serve him.
But Hez, you dont appreciate what Martin L. King did for us? You cant appreciate that he was courageous in 'speaking truth to power'?
As far as MLK is concerned. If you look up MLK, Boule, you will see that King was apart of the Boule Secret society, and they all worship Satan by all of his idols. Everybody who is famous, or a leader, or ruler, all serve Satan via a secret society, and we are the cattle of the Matrix of the secret societies. Look it up. It takes time, studying, and patience to be smart.
So your answer is you dont appreciate what MLK did, right?

Do you appreciate the other civil rights leaders that were killed or beat for their struggle in the civil rights movement?

Do you even appreciate the Jews (phoney Jews to you) that was down for the cause during the civil rights era?

Do you appreciate any one or any thing about the civil rights era?
You do not understand that all of this was in the plans of the Illuminati.
I am not inferring that you are saying that Brother. I am simply saying that MLK was implanted to stop blacks from rising against the status quota because blacks were not scared of the Klan anymore, and whites in the North were growing weary with race. They needed to implant a savior to shut the black people up, and also to divide them because they also implanted Malcom X. Both were apart of the Boule, which is a domestic minority secret society. The reason Malcom X and MLK were killed is because they both opposed the Vietnam War. The Boule is domestic, so you could not speak on international matters if you were in this society. All of them are freemasons. Look this stuff up. It is not hard to find.
No this is not what King had on his mind when he spoke of equality and freedom.
So many people (black white jewish christian) put their safety on the line to see a better day for blacks and this is the thanks.

I am not sure what Hez is talking about, but King was the man. So was Malcolm X. They went places where blacks were scared to go. They deserved to be honored.
James!......wooo....I thought yall all subscribed to that point of view.

Yeah King was the man for sure.


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