A 30-years woman who sells pure water in the street, was not only a woman or seller but a vampire as well. Blood was her water . She drinks animal blood when reading, watching television, relaxing, & even uses to cook food as water. She started it 19-years ago at the age of 11-years & that had made her rich & strong.

She stopped drinking animal blood when she was 20-years because the man who gives her the blood had an accident on his way to the girl's home to deliver her blood. She went into a vampire cult introduced by her class-mate. She had been selling pure water 10-years in the street since she entered in human sucking blood cult. Who ever that buys her water is doomed.

Your blood fills her cup according to the pure-water you will drink. When you see her selling on the street, she is more than a poor woman. According to her, she has drunk a total of 1,500 gallons of blood since she first took up her habit 11-years ago. She has drunk 698 gallons of animal blood & 820 gallons of human blood.

She has to sell all her water to get the blood she needs for 20-mins. So one day, it left with her one pure-water & she had to go but her blood was not also full. She met a young guy & dashed him the last water. The guy took it home, refused to drink. The next morning when he woke up to drink the water, it was blood. He reported it to his pastor, went to the place she used to sell & she confessed.

I decree; any blood that had been sold to you as water on the street which is taking away your blood to be drunk by the evil in the spirit to tarnish your glory, happiness & success in life , today you shall receive your breakthrough. I decree anything you will buy, eat, or drink in the street, shall be a blessing to you in Jesus name, Amen.

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