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Global Vax Freedom Internet Radio Marathon: May 1, 2015
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Many of your favorite Internet Talk Radio freedom voices are coming together on May 1, 2015 for a Six Hour Talk Radio Marathon to educate the world regarding Vaccination Freedom of Choice. Time: [TBP]
You will be able to listen, chat and share through Natural Solutions Foundation’s Health Freedom Portal: .
We will have live listening links and chat there. The archive of the event will be available on this web page: Below you will find graphs that tell the truth and links to essential information about Vax Freedom of Choice to review before the Marathon. 


Every day let your voice be heard by decision makers.

Easily send messages to your representatives here:

Remember: when legislators hear from you every day the messages become an overwhelming drumbeat for freedom of choice! Their staff tells them how the emails “are trending…” and the trend they hear must be for Freedom of Choice!

The globalist elite are pushing hard to force people to be “fully vaccinated.” Rupert Murdock’s Australian propaganda paper, the Daily Telegraph, has been on a pro vaccine rampage for some time now. It is the leader of the frenzied No Jab, No Play band screaming that “babies die” when everyone is not vaccinated and that there should be no choice and no exceptions. There are Pro-Vaxx bills pending in over two dozen US states, with California’s anti-vax freedom bill being especially restrictive. Federal Senators are poised to offer a bill that would force all Head Start kids to be “fully vaccinated.”


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