MEN -  Stop depending on women to be your mother. Get a job or a legal business, get a car, get your own place, take care of your kids, stop getting all these women pregnant and leaving them there to be the mama and the daddy.... Get right with God and truly repent....... STOP RUNNING UP IN THE CHURCH JUST TO GET A WIFE AND TRULY GO BECAUSE YOU WANT TO CHANGE, LIVE RIGHT, AND FELLOWSHIP........ STOP PREYING ON THESE WOMEN ON THE STREETS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS BY LYING AND SAYING GOD SAID THIS AND THAT... STOP LYING AND SAYING YOUR SINGLE BUT YET YOUR MARRIED.... MEN GET IT RIGHT.

WOMEN - Just because a man walks in the church looking good and single doesn't mean you suppose to claim him as your husband or lie and say God said this and God said that..... Then when you marry him you wonder why it feels like you walking in pure hell, you wonder why him and your kids can't get along, or why yall go through financial difficulties... God don't bless mess.... Every christian man isn't for you too marry, he probabily came into your life to be a genuine friend or study partner or a brother and family member that you never truly had........ Be careful

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Praise Him!  What an on time word.


It's a two way street.  Keep it balanced.  You have woman also preying on men.  It's a dirty game you pay to play.


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