Can someone share with me the secret of recruiting Mentors. Got the boys and girls, but drawing a blank on the mentorship.  Members of churches that I ask say, they don't have the time.  What are our churches teaching after, praise and offering?

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The key is in the very Gospel that one comes into the knowledge of CHRIST under. The Gospel of the Kingdom causes one to multiply like a cell. True Church multiplication is Cell Church multiplication.

Likewise, mentoring youth is the same process. You must find people who are:

1) worth reduplicating
2) willing to reduplicate what CHRIST has placed within them

Just asking around won't work. You my find people who aren't willing, or worse, are willing but aren't worth reduplicating.
Well stated and greatly appreciated.
Mentoring serves no purpose if the person doing the mentoring hasn't been through anything to teach someone else. Yes, its good to be able to twist a scripture, sqawl and buck but when all that is done what has been learned?
I don't want anybody telling me anything if you haven't been through nothin'!!!
People like that have an aire of arrogance and pride that shows up in the way of judgment.
A mentor should not be a judge.
Mentors should be those who you know have been through something and able to rightly apply what they've been through and use that along with the Word of God.
Once you have those things in place you have a true minister who is able to effectively mentor someone else to bring them to where God would have them to be.


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