If a Minister had his/her liscence damaged by a flood, what should he do if the pastor he/she got the liscence from will not repalce it? and if he/she has a new pastor and the new pastor is slowful what should he/she do?

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Hey Doc, just keep on doing what the Lord called you to do. The piece of paper may be important for some things but the main thing or issue is the work of the Lord. That paper can't stop you from working in the ministry. Do your thing brother until they work it out.
God will make away for you, if the pastor is true . That pastor should issue you another license because for. The most part you only need your pastors signiture. Ordanation is a different issue, also in the future always make Copies
In our denomination we get a new license every year. Do you have a national headquarters?
Until ordination time? I didn't get my Evangelist license until after ordination, and I'm sure that's the same way with my male counterparts, they are ministers, reverends until ordination, and then they are Licensed Elders afterwards. We have to have a letter from our pastor to go to board.

Yes, we get a new one each year IF you are in good standing.

BTW Min Jackson, I do agree it's just a piece of paper, for accredidation, I did evangelist work before I ever got it.
I do too.......

There are Baptist Churches that do have the following though, Bro Watson:

-I even seen two Apostles, which shocked me!
-a Board to answer to (usually Deacons)
Amen, Rev. Luckett, I couldn't believe that God had brought me that far


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