Moving the visible Church from Begging Alms! Never have your Ministry in Financial Want Again!

As we turn on our television sets, enter into the sanctuary of our home assembly, travel to convention sites we are constantly reminded of the GREAT NEED in income to finance Kingdom ministries. There are the arguments about "tithes" versus the "freewill offering", and both of these arguments fall short of addressing the real issues as to why there is constant "APPARENT Finance Need" in Christian Church assemblies for the ministry infrastructure and lay members as well.


Just from an economic principled standpoint, the visible church suffers from a lack of engaging in reciprocal activities, which can be found in many ministries both in natural and spiritual things. Ministries should constantly measure outcome; the word of the LORD produces fruit, not just resistance by some who choose not to listen to the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST but as well, lives that are noticeably changed by the power of the preaching of the Gospel. Because many times Outcome isn’t adhered to in the persistent administration of ministry it becomes a victimization of “assumption” that the ministry and its constituents fall prey to. It is assumed that what is given is what should be given and when the result is various poverties we are slow to modify our actions hence leaving us with church assemblies that are in constant struggle in building participation, etc.


Spiritual Reciprocation can be found in Matthew 14:14 where it is noted that after the people had followed our LORD JESUS in His teaching that they were worn, and the reciprocation came about where it reads “and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.” Cycles of wealth exist where there is investment and reinvestment. Every ministry must be sure that it is giving back into the people’s lives in order to strengthen the people so that the people may continue to support or strengthen the ministry- reciprocation.


Everyday, we as lay people and clergy support services and products that do not reciprocate back to us beyond the benefit of the service or product itself; many of us do this while at the same time declaring “we don’t believe in investing in those who do not invest in us”. Yet while saying this we shop at stores, patronize services and at the end of the year we have our business agents go and beg for contributions from some of these entities in light of our 501c3 statuses. The visible church has positioned itself in a horribly flawed state of relationships lacking reciprocal activities, many times within the assembly and almost 100% of the time from without.


In a free trade market there is no reason why the visible church should not be nearly self contained financially, enabling it in each sector of such a domain to fund its own education facilities, hospitals, banks, funeral homes, malls, radio stations (as opposed to a show slot), gas stations, etc. Aside of too many individuals seeking to be chief, which is what creates fertile ground for gentrification, there is this “JUST ENOUGH” environment looming due to a lack of reciprocal practices leaving the visible church in a perpetual state of begging alms.




There are activities that the visible church can do from within that are proven to build not only money but also residual wealth. In a basic relationship most of us would refuse to give to someone daily while only being afforded his or her physical presence as a reward. We expect our boss to reciprocate, our spouse, our children, our clergy and lay members, our neighbors and others as well; all this we do while not demanding that those who we patronize with our dollars to patronize us in return whether we fill out a requisition form and whether we’re 501c3 eligible or not.  This is a major problem producing fertility for poverty in that wealth is only traveling in one direction, toward the vendor.


What if there was a way to be compensated when you patronize and promote? Everything we patronize we end up promoting aggressively or passively, but either way we promote it. Example: if you enjoy a movie, dinner or someone compliment you on an outfit you’re wearing 99.999% of the time you’ll direct them to where you experienced or purchased it. This model of promotion is one that we only get an EGO boost from and usually no monetary compensation. What if a product or service that most of the congregants in a Christian Church assembly normally used was purchased through a program headed by the assembly resulting in the assembly and members who chose to participate in the opportunity aspect of it to earn residual income? If the income builds as the participation grows, what if each assembly was linked with other assemblies showing them how to experience the same success as they have, which as a result would make 2nd offerings not necessary during times of gathering together? There is such a mechanism that exists!


This model, as I believe, is alluded to in Matthew 14 when in verse 19 it states “And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and broke, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.” The end result is that no one was left hungry by the time the last person is fed as verse 20 reads “And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full.”


I believe that through reciprocal activities the visible church has the opportunity and will have the means to become self sufficient apart from the typical construct of begging alms. If certain things the assembly and lay members will purchase regardless (such as soaps, hygiene, skin care items, etc.) then why not be compensated for them as a result of one’s neighbor finding out where to get it from because of them? This is at best called “Community Commerce”. There is no reason, due to the existence of this model, that church assemblies are not financially self-sufficient. Most assemblies fellowship with no less than 5 other assemblies in a given year; with each church assembly involving most of their membership and then partnering with other assemblies to do the same with their membership it would put all in a position of having the perfect number of GOD’s Government [12] with provision as a end result. This is a GAME CHANGER! Not that these models haven’t been introduced to some in the past, but because it is clear that the LORD is soon to come and so many Kingdom activities that need finance such as foreign missions, missionaries getting aid for church assembly buildings in foreign lands, food/medicine as a prelude to missionary work in stricken areas, etc. there is need to change the game and our paradigm on finance in these end times for the visible body of CHRIST.


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Great, no more lack from within (congregation). 

Thank you, my like mind new friend.

People are waking-up!

Absolutely Diane! This is something that other churches as well as other organizations and individuals are using and earning 6 figures! Some are making $100,000+ /mo! No Products to Sell! Click link to learn more!


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