"God, I'm only saying what you want me too!
Personally if this was any other site I would probably just enjoy meeting new people and keep my typing hands shut but before this become 'any other site' I 've been led to share.
If you're a gospel artist, or musician, trying to expand your territory by using this site to get into another's ministry; to musically preach, encourage or uplift a body of believers, that's one thing. Of course, if you're strictly a preacher using this site for well, I don't know, preaching maybe, then that's what name of the site is, 'The Black Preaching Network!' But please stop posting your get rich quick schemes, and business proposals on this site! I don't believe that any of that can compare with what God can do for you, since He owns everything in the Kingdom on Earth anyway! As a Pastor, Minister, Deacon, Evangelist, Missionary, Apostle or such, these kind of posts are counter productive to your calling. No, I'm not saying don't be ambitious, or have dreams of running your own business. I believe that because this site was created to showcase Black Preachers, we have and obligation to the World Wide Web (www) to speak what the Lord has called us to speak, being confident that someone, somewhere will be encouraged, delivered, set free or saved as a result of the anointing God has given us.
I keep getting email alerts saying that Pastor so and so has posted a comment or a blog or started a discussion, only to be disappointed to find a business proposal or some type of marketing scheme. I was looking for a word from the Lord and that's not it because it doesn't line up with the word! Yeah, I know he wants us to be prosperous, even as our soul prospers though! What happen to seek first the Kingdom and all these things will be added or my God SHALL (that's a promise word) supply all my needs. I'm telling you under unction of the Holy Spirit, as a man or woman of God these posts, on this site, does not fit! There are other sites you can post your business proposals and the like but the title of this site alone makes all those who are on it accountable to share faith, which comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. In other words, step your game up preachers, someone is dying out there and yes it is that serious! God bless you is my prayers and Happy Sunday to all! I hope you would take this and share it with others in the faith. Let's stop making the power of the Lord look bad and share of his goodness.. Share your testimony, let us know your struggles being clergy. We have so much more to offer than how to make money!"
Sincerely yours,
Minister "Real Deal" Brady Hill

PS if your goal is to promote yourself and not God, find another site!

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Amen Amen Amen Amen i could not agree with you more. I 'm new to this site and I could not believe the things I have encountered. Thank you. Yes I believe God is speaking. I too was very uneasy in my spirit. Thank you for obeying God.
yes i agree taht i have saw some self exaltation. but i have also connected with some good folks. i would really like to address the issue of using this site as a hookup. i am not necessarily doing that .But should God choose to use that avenue to partner me with one of his servants for the true upbuilding of his kingdom and the reaching of lost souls; then too God be the glory. As a correctional officer in a state prison here in Alabama 70% of the population is african american men. who are big buff body builder type looking guys who are practing homosexuals .until visitation day when his wife and 4 kids come to visit. and yes this spirit is even in the church. This is why 35% of african american women are either HIV positive or have full blown aids; or Hepatitis. we as saints of God dont usually frequent the clubs(or we shouldn"t) so if you dont have a friend to introduce you to other people, it makes it kind of hard to meet people especially if you are new to the city. but; never the less i just thank god for keeping me. I enjoy being able to do the work of God in a single capacity,Being able to encourage the younger women at my church to wait on God. But at the same time God did say that it is not good that man should be ALONE.
"...As a correctional officer in a state prison here in Alabama 70% of the population is african american men. who are big buff body builder type looking guys who are practing homosexuals .until visitation day when his wife and 4 kids come to visit...."

That's depressing.
Well, I do agree with you. I mostly use this site for watching videos, ask and answer questions and things like that. I am glad for a site like this so I can network with other seasoned preachers to learn from them as a young preacher like myself.

I am willing to pray for others if prayer is needed(and we all need prayer) and network with other preachers because it's always good to network with other preachers especially when you're new like me and want advise on different issues concerning us.
Bless you! I agree. I have been on here for about 3 days and have received scam emails asking for all of my contact information and what cam short of a marriage proposal. I am not here for any of that. I love the Lord and wanted to connect with my peers who sing to win souls for the Kingdom. Scammers and false prophets beware. I'm praying for the spirit of discernment to rise up in the saints here!


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