My conversation with a homosexual...Very disturbing to say the least.

I had a homosexual say to me that we as parents should not have the right to teach our children that homosexuality is immoral. They said that the government through the school system should force us as parents to teach our children to accept homosexuality. Because it's a "skill" that can be "taught."

I must say that it is frustrating trying to explain to a gay that we don't hate homosexuals but we should have the right as parents to train our children in the way they should go.

Below is a response from one of the people I have been conversing with regarding our rights as parents.

Parents dont own their children, they are not their property.
Schools are there to educate children in how to socialise in a country governed by laws.
As we are not governed by morals.
Parents dont have the right to force their believes, morals, or religion on their children.
If they do, they are abusing the children.
If they do, they deserve to lose their children.

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Satan has blinded this world from the light of the gospel. I've had conversations with gays that told me that David and Jonathan were gay. Why did they say that? Because Jonathan said his love for David is stronger than that of a woman. Gay's view of the bible are so crooked. They actually have a gay church in Dallas, TX. It is the ONLY trans church in the U.S.
It is getting very disturbing to see this huge uprising and no one really terribly frightened by it. What I mean by frightened by it is, Christian parents are sitting idly by while the homosexuals are demanding that our children accept this behavior. Some schools are actually giving our children books to read such as "My two Moms".

The subject of sexuality should not be taught by a Godless, Infidel school system that has immorality coming out of it's nose.

Yes sister. We really need to stand up against these lawless people.
I know this is a cliche' but I am going to say it anyway.

If we don't stand for something, we will fall for anything. We must first see it for what it is. It is a total breakdown and attack on the family structure.

I love family, and homosexuality is truly destroying the family. In Nazarene Judaism, we are commanded of Yehwah to teach our children the Torah all around, and have the Torah on the walls of our home so that we, and our children would be careful to not sin.
Yes James,
Homosexuality is yet another trojan horse that has been sent to attack families. Now traditional families are looked upon as odd and out of the ordinary.
Amen Brother Luckett:
I pray that these women can receive God's word and realize that they do have unclean spirits. It is not impossible for the Lord to deliver such if they submit to him and resist the Devil. Let us touch and agree that they receive the truth for the truth (Jesus) will set them free once they know and RECEIVE IT.
Hmm sounds like a conversation indeed...

Parents do not own their children, children are a gift from God, and yes, we are to trained them up in our beliefs, morals and religion, now the tricky part is wether or not what we raised them up in is sound. As Christians we raised them up as Christian.

That is not abuse!

Schools are to teach our children and to give them the tools they need to succeed in life, they are not in MY belief there to teach morals, religion... that is the job of the parent. I do believe that schools also give the child the opportunity to understand that all people in the world will not be like them.

They may stray, but the seeds sown, will tug at their hearts and bring them home (their training).
Sometimes when we turn our children over to a government institution (Caesar) they will not only stray from our teachings but can become destroyed by them. A friend of mine (co-pastor of a church) said that her 14 year old granddaughter was perfectly normal until she was turned out by her school basketball coach. This woman spent way too much time with about 12 young woman outside of school and they all are now confused lesbians.

Guess who else is a Lesbian, The girls basketball coach. Her unclean spirit has contaminated these poor girls and left their families to deal with the downfall.
These horror stories do happen, that is why PARENTS need to take control, visit the schools, meet the teachers, asked them their beliefs, MARCH INTO THE OFFICE AND STATE I DON'T WANT MY CHILD UP UNDER THIS TEACHER!

Christians need to get just as radical as these lost souls about our beliefs. We can't shelter our children however we must armed them with the word of God.

My beautiful daughter will tell them quick, I'm waiting until marriage with a MAN
Nice, but I do believe that there are saints that know how to raise children in this day that are strong enough to raise up a standard before the world.

We cannot be crippled by fear, and we do NOT need to feed our children a spirit of fear


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