My conversation with a homosexual...Very disturbing to say the least.

I had a homosexual say to me that we as parents should not have the right to teach our children that homosexuality is immoral. They said that the government through the school system should force us as parents to teach our children to accept homosexuality. Because it's a "skill" that can be "taught."

I must say that it is frustrating trying to explain to a gay that we don't hate homosexuals but we should have the right as parents to train our children in the way they should go.

Below is a response from one of the people I have been conversing with regarding our rights as parents.

Parents dont own their children, they are not their property.
Schools are there to educate children in how to socialise in a country governed by laws.
As we are not governed by morals.
Parents dont have the right to force their believes, morals, or religion on their children.
If they do, they are abusing the children.
If they do, they deserve to lose their children.

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Sister this has nothing to do with fear but wisdom. Many of our children don't have the holy ghost and are losing the battle of peer pressure. This is why our young people are leaving the church and such when they become of age. I went to high and was saved the whole time without being influenced by the world but I know many who did not make it.

To deny that there is a problem only means that you may not be aware of it. Children are not experiments, what is put in them will come show in them. I can raise my children a certain way but if I allow there time to be dominated by devils, then chances are they will become crippled by demonic influences. The same can be said for children that sit in front of televisions and video games ALL DAY LONG. This is not feeding children fear but giving them wisdom.

I know children who are bullied in public school. Now there's fear for you.
that woman could not have turned that child out, there was a desire,

James 1:14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
The very same thing happened to Donnie McClurkin. He had a relative molest him and he was deeply effected by it. This was his own testimony.

One of my mothers male cousins was molested by a male in the family and he is now homosexual. This can be a learned behavior through the transferring of spirits.
the scripture stands; unless there was a rape, and why do the children NOT have the Holy Ghost?
Don't get me wrong a parent would not put a child in harm's way especially spiritual, but the same peer pressure present today, was present in my day.
I would have to say that today's peer pressure, trumps anything that you had to endure. Yes things may have been rough as even in my day, but kids today have it hard.

So much is coming at them and they are failing to endure these hardships. Many of them are turning so far away from God that it would take a miracle to bring them back.

Children are more rebellious, oversexed, undereducated, gay and lesbian, defiant to authority, agnostic, disobedient to parents and so much more at a MULTIPLIED rate compared to when you were young. Things have gotten out of hand.

That is a question for them and God. Our children are not being taught to seek God in many assemblies and therefore the spirit is not filling them. I see so many children flooding the altars crying out and wanting the holy ghost, but we must ask ourselves, why is God not filling them.

This is a gift that only he can give.

You seem to think that a child can not become a homosexual through the influence of another person. Yes lust may be present in all flesh, but let's be real, if a pedophile molest a child then their influence and violation is what caused this child's lust, as you call it, to manifest.
Not necessarily EW, molestation affects children differently, some will lean to that lifestyle, (which is what makes the scripture significant) however some will have different problems.

There are children filled with the Holy Ghost! my best time at Convocation is seeing the children go forth in preaching, teaching.... all have not bowed to Baal
I never said all have bowed to Baal. And yes I know that children are filled with the holy ghost. I know that you've got to know that I am generally speaking. Many children do not have the holy ghost and of course molestation effects everyone differently.

I do know a man that was molested my male and he is not homosexual. I am merely trying to make a point that spirits can transfer from this activity.
Yeh, don't go to the mall, grocery store, car wash, salon, barber shop and Lord knows don't go to church (lol)

We are in the world but not of it and that is what we teach our children as well and then give them to God
I can see your sarcasm. Being set apart from the world doesn't mean we don't go to grocery stores, car washes and such. It is a horse of a different color when talking about sending children to public school.

This is where our children learn a lot of the garbage they learn. Ask someone outside of the Holy State of Texas and you will see. From what you describe, Texas is full of perfect people, governments, school system and more.

Nothing goes wrong in Texas...LOL. You all must see the national news and think it's fictional tall tales.
My personal experience with this is fact.My older brother,was molested by a priest,St Nicholas,Elementary,St.Louis mo..It was proven,he was a seventh grader at the time,we will never know how long this went on,we do know this man who stood in front of the mass everyday at 11;ooa.m,was molesting boys by 11;30.My brothers spirit was broken completely,he ran away,at14,we never seen him again until he was 20.By that time,he had lived a gay lifestyle to survive,yeah he could have did something else,but that secret lifestyle,was taught to him by a pastor,who was a teacher,who made parents feel their children were safe in a religous school.That behavior is a curse,and i believe its all rape,rape of the body,spirit and soul.which leads to inappropriate behavior throughout the victims whole life,gay or not,it's been proven,if it's over protecting others orturning to that wicked life of the preditor.When ministering on the streets and i run into gay people i'm able to give them this testimony,to start a dialouge with them so when,tell them they will go to HELL i mean it! 1Cor8;12 BUT WHEN YE SIN,SO AGAINST THE BREATHEN ,ANDWOUND THEIR WEAK CONSCIENCE,YE SIN AGINST GOD! Homosexuallity was a curse back in biblical days,thats why so many have such a hatred toward women,and their positions in church.Different story (sorry) God destroyed a whole city,people due to sexual misconduct.If someone who's gay isn't speaking about,how can i be saved it's nothing to say to them.Toleration let's them in your neighborhood,rights is going to get them in your house,next it's your kinfolk,see how it rides then!


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