My Prayer For Us Today,

Heavenly Father you know they way I’m going to turn out but I thank you for allowing us to EDURE such Great AFFLICTIONS and {{{{{{{NOW ENABLING US TO CONQUER}}}}} in which caused us to BE TRIED! I thank you for causing US TO REACH A GREATER STRENGHT and To Be MUSCLED even in our WEAK AREAS. We {{{LOVE YOU}}}} for EXPECTING GREATER OF US Than we EXPECTED OF OURSELVES PLEASE GIVE US WISDOM TO EXCEL..... NOW, today this Is The Day That The LORD Has Made I Will REJOICE & BE GLAD IN IT because On This DAY JESUS LIVES, Move and cause me to EXIST...with VISION I WILL STRIVE To Excel because Greater Is He than He that is in the WORLD and as long as You EXIST I Shall Be Great... my family, community and the LOST need to SEE that If You Can Do It In Me & FOR ME then You Can Do it In Anybody!!!!!!!!!!! Greatness I Shall Be Because of You.....Please also {{{SHOW ME HOW TO LOVE THROUGH ACTIONS & NOT MY WORDS}}}... I Love You Lord and You My Father Have A Magnificence Day! In JESUS name I Pray Amen...Amen...& AMEN

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