National Prevention Strategy Letter to President Bartack Obama, Houston Faith Based Leaders Support

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“ to eliminate prejudice and discrimination ….build a multicultural society”

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To: President Barack Obama, United States of America

Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, Chair, National Prevention Council (NPC) and

White House Cabinet Secretary Leaders of  17 Federal Agency Members

Dr. Jeffrey Levi, Executive Director, Trust for Americas Health (TFAH), Chair, Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health

From: Rev. Dr. Robert McKinley Gilmore, Sr., NCC, LPC, President/CEO, Real Urban Ministry, Inc.

Re: National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy (NPS) Release and Acceptance of Call for Community and Faith-Based Partnerships in Houston-Galveston Area Council (Texas)


First, let me say Thank You Mr. President and to your dedicated leaders for the outstanding public service and leadership being given to America during one of the most significant periods in our history, without such talented members of your team, one cannot imagine the difficulty of your role today.  The release of the NPS plan is an historical undertaking and the first ever plan that brings together public and private partners, which will help increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of life. The 17 Cabinet Secretaries  are to be commended for the historic development of this NPS plan as called for under the Affordable Care Act, “which will help transform our health care system away from a focus on sickness and disease to a focus on prevention and wellness”, as stated by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Department of Health and Human Services.


            Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, Chair of the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council stated, “For the first time in the history of our Nation, we have developed a cross-sector, integrated National strategy that identifies priorities for improving the health of Americans. Through these partnerships, the NPS plan will improve America’s health by helping to create healthy and safe communities, expand clinical and community-based preventive services, empower people to make healthy choices and eliminate health disparities”.  Those four strategic directions are and should be marching orders for individual, community, faith, public and private stakeholders to develop stronger partnerships to improve Americans health through prevention. To read, learn and become part of America’s Plan for Better Health and Wellness, go to National Prevention Strategy (PDF – 1.88 MB)


Dr. Jeffrey Levi, Executive Director of TFAH and Chair of the  advisory council states,” NPS recognizes that we must assure that preventive and integrative health services are part of the health care delivery system  and  also recognizes that every part of our society, from transportation and housing to labor and defense can help improve the health of individuals, families, and communities. By cutting across many federal agencies, the NPS will, for the first time ever, ensure we’re leveraging policies so they are win-wins to improve health, while at the same time improving housing, education, the economy, productivity, military readiness, and the environment.  TFAH has joined 79 organizations in signing a letter commending the NPC for the release of the Strategy. (


            Real Urban Ministry, Inc, accepts the NPS plan and immediately include the Community, Faith and Interagency goals and objectives in our “Hope After Project”, which has over 800 African-American Clergy Leaders in our Health Ministry Network. We are working within the Houston-Galveston Area Council Region, which has a total population of over 4.5 million residents. Over the past 30 years African-American Clergy leaders have participated, served on or been involved in each of the seven areas indicated on the NPS model. In addition we partner with multi-ethnic, denominational, agency, community and indigenous leadership throughout our region, the State of Texas and the Nation.  As a Vietnam Veteran, National Certified Counselor, Author of “A True Story: Hope After Dope, From A Drug Addict to a Doctor”, at ( free online)  Preacher, Community Leader, Husband, Father and Grandfather, I have awaited these orders for the troop.  Thank you Mr. President.

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