About two months ago I was creating a DVD on the last days and the Masonic Illuminati involvement in it. While watching a movie on the same topic called Revelation a strange sensation began to form in the center of my chest. I herd a voice within me say cast it off however I took this to be just paranoia considering the topic I was working on. So I just turned off the movie just to be safe and after a brief prayer I went to bed. Before I could go to sleep I herd a voice say in my ear "I have it" I began at this point to pray more earnestly and went into the living room to sleep on the couch. I awoke with my ears ringing, my sinuses inflamed and my mouth saying along with my finger writing on my face the word REPRESSION. Since then I have had frequent bouts of sinuses infection or swelling in my temples feels like there is a screw in either side of my temple one in the left and one in the right. Anytime I try to speak or teach anything along the lines of the Gospel these manifestations began to flare up. My sinuse get filled with mucus and my voice dries out and my temples began to hurt. I"ve gone to seek help for this but when it comes to casting out demons people are either to busy, to afraid, or dont believe in it anymore. They either apply the principles of spiritual warefare you know forgive everyone take away the legal grounds and command the demon to leave in Jesus name, and this has actually worked for me before on a different occasion; or they tell you to take authority over the demon and cast it out yourself. I dont really recomend this seeing that you are by yourself. or they say just get more of Jesus in you and the devil will leave this is called displacement. Or simpy resist the devil and he will flee. But this scripture really applies to demonic temptations. I beleve that when a brother or sister is in a fight with devil we are seek the churches help to cast him out! Jesus said and these signs will follow them that believe in my name they will cast out devils. I dont think or belive that we are supposed to do this on our own. We readily lay hands on and accept when a brother or sister comes to church to be prayed for when it comes to a healing for some sort of sickness, so why do you have to go it alone when it comes to casting out a demon. why is that. I have tried everything even self deliverance. With some relief but littele success the demon remains. The disciples asked jesus concerning a demon they were unable to expell, why we could not cast him out. Jesus said because of your faith. I believe we all have different levels of faith, gifts and maturity. No one person has it all, there-for we need eachother. Devils come in groups they gang up on people and we should do the same to them. Not just let the person go it all alone. There has got to be some experianced mature seasoned christians out there that can help all can't be babes. I had a dream concerning this Demonic infection here it is:

I dreamed I was trying to speak to a pastor I know but noticed My mouth was wired shut. This wire was threaded through the gums and

and up from the jaw into my head through the left temple and I would think around the top of the head down through the right temple behind the ear down into the jaw. In my mouth the wire formed a ring that went around the teeth. I unhinged it and straightened it out and formed a ring to put my finger in and then proceeded to pull the wire out . first slowly then rapidly. This rapid pulling could be felt going through the gums and through the temples it caused a strange sort of drain on my brain like a black out. At which time I immediately forced my self to wake up from. Upon awakening my temples were hurting from the pulling espeacilly the left temple. This pressure on my temples is the main manifestation from this attack and it is what is causing the inflamation in my sinuses. Also I saw in my dream a room, very clean and neat. With a stocky huge type fellow in it. I was attempting to show him some things he should avoid doing while using the computer but this man became irratated and struck me. However I was not phased by the blow, so I continued to try and explaine to him the point I was trying to make. He then stuck me again. And again I was not phased. So I continued at which time he spoke and said you are really beganing to make me angry and with more dertermination he stuck me again knocking me to the bed in the room. At this I decided to rather forgo the instruction and let it alone. He went to the bed and lay down. I went over to a television that was in the room and attempted to turn up the volume. To my suprise there came the voices of a number of demons howling and moaning and yelling from a door that was shut and locked directly behind the televison. I turned to look at the man in the bed and he just lay there unphased and uninterested in the comotion behind the door. Then I woke up. The interesting thing about this is in a previous dream I was in this room and it was cluttered and in disarray with many cats all balck meowing very loudly for food; all except this one big sort of stocky white cat who was not meowing like the other cats, this cat was Screaming! I mean he was intrenched in the mddle of the room in some clothes and garbage and just screaming like he was madly insane or something. I am asummimg this white cat and the stocky man are one and the same. It is interesting that the room was clean and in order in the secound dream as Ive been praying, worshiping, seeking the lord reading the word and attending a 4 month deliverance class and siminar. And yes they counseled me and we went over the princibles of deliverance. All these things are very Good dont get me wrong and for the most part they work, However I need someone to cast this demon out and remove the cord in my head. Its hard to get people in the church to lay hand and cast the demon out. Many people are either afraid, dont beleive this can happen to christians, or too busy. I had one bishop lay hands and pray for me with his team of minsisters and co pastors and the tightnss in my head began to break up after a couple of days it felt like cords being untied or cut. My mistake was reading and comtemplating buying a resident evil video game afterward. As I look at this game on my computer and thought about purchasing it, the tightness began to slowly creep back on me. (Im still Learning) I didn't think that simply comtemplating a video game or reading the wright up could give legal grounds to a demon. I thought you had to be in posession of it for it to count as grounds. Well Im in need of your assistance. Can anyone help me with some insight to this any one get deliverd from a similar situation. Know of some one that can and is Willing to help. Please I really need assistance here.

Thank You James

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