Can somebody please help me out with this Question ??? When new comers come to your churches and already they want it established that they are moving in ministry ,should we or not make it part of the new members orientation that they submit for a period of time in our churches and then be released upon having watched and observed their ability to serve and be faithful to their now new place of worship !As an Apostloic Leader we were taught to submit coming up in ministry what is wrong with this new generation of ministry gifts.To ask them to submit is as though you as a leader have done something wrong.. any responses ?????

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With the exception of preachers and deacons, my church requires a period of submission prior to being released in ministry as a leader.
I agree with Rev. Luckett. EVERYONE needs to complete new members class. We even have a class for members who come in under "watch-care". It is important that they understand the VISION of the house and capture the heartbeat of the leader. In our house, you then have to complete certain leadership and other training classes before you are released to an area of ministry.

That is a spirit Dr. Davis that does not want to submit and serve. Do not allow it to activate; it is disorder at it's best and will cause sores and festers in your ministry. (you recall when you taught on order some years ago? I do, it is the proper and accurate arrangement of things.) Enough said!
Bless you much Rev.Luckett .I am in agreement with your stand.Ministry gifts must know and understand the vision of the house ,how then will they really be able to be effective in the advancement of the assignment to which they have been connected.
Well time to revisit order again ,just wanted to hear another leaders perspective cause people become offended because they can not just come and do what " they been called " to do like they want to. Lord help us !!!!! Where is the teaching of " Ministry Ethics "


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