You are invited to use the Next Level training to take your ministry to the next level by participating in the 10 Day Challenge where you will be taught to think and plan strategically, make God centred plans and carry them out, even if you lack the required people, places, training, knowledge, resources or skills. 

Lets face it - that's most of us isn't it. 

How do some people keep on moving their ministry forward for bigger and bigger impact and others are always struggling, there are 2 keys to answer this question, knowledge and application. 
If you don't know you can't do. 
If you know but don't do, still nothing happens. 

We have a vision to train 10,000+ African Christian leaders this year to grow, make a bigger impact and fulfill a bigger vision than they ever thought possible for them; but it needs people like you to answer the challenge and do something substantially more than you have done before.

Beautiful Feet Task Force has developed a 10 Day Challenge to help you know, understand and apply the principles necessary to move ahead at a faster pace than ever before as the days are so critical now to make real true disciples to Jesus. 

The program requires you to join the facebook family Growing African Christian Leaders and when you have joined to complete the Guides which set you up to receive the membership gift and the 10 Day Challenge by email. 

We realise this is not for everyone for various reasons,


  • those people who already know everything,
  • those people that are already have a worldwide impact in the millions,
  • those people who don't really have a vision at all,
  • those people that are afraid of challenge and hard work.

Most leaders however would consider that their vision is not yet accomplished and they could use knowledge, training and mentoring to move ahead, they are humble enough to admit that they don't yet know everything, then these are the people that this training is for. 

Here is how you access the 10 Day Challenge 
1/ JOIN the facebook group Growing African Christian Leaders here.

2/ Answer the 3 admission questions. Wait for approval.

3/ Read the welcome post and go through the GUIDES. 

4/ Make sure you have submitted your email in the process of doing the Guides and clicked the confirm link in the email you receive to start the flow of training. 

We have already reached 1,000 members ready to grow- join and be one of them. 

How much would it be worth to you to be able to grow your ministry to the next level? how would you measure the value to you of increased numbers, increased impact, wider spread, increased reputation, more souls won, bigger achievements for your community, humanitarian or social welfare projects? 

How much would you be prepared to pay to get to this level? Everything costs, there are no free lunches, what someone gets for nothing someone is paying a price for, we should be thinking about the value obtained and be prepared to pay something to get there. The good news is, the price has already been paid, the membership and mentoring in the group is free (but you are expected to contribute your wisdom and learning so others may grow too). The membership gift and the 10 Day Challenge is free. So what is stopping you taking on the challenge. Is it your unwillingness to face the tough questions, make tough decisions and do the work - I think you have already faced up to these problems before in your life so go ahead right now, join the group, do the guides, sign up for the 10 day Challenge and do the work.

Join now.

Join now.

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