There is doctrine that is taught in the Sunday Church that Jesus died on the Cross, and nailed all the laws to the cross. The animal sacrifice Law, the Levitical priesthood, the 10 commandments, the Feasts of the Lord, the Dietary Law, and the cleanliness laws. But he did not do away with the "Tithing, and offerings law" He kept that one. Since all the laws are done away with. I know none of you Sunday Christians would have a problem with me sneaking in the back door to sleep with your wives. Yes plural. If there isn't a law, I can fornicate, and not have to worry. Jesus' blood covers me. It will be ok. I can sneak in your back door and steal your stuff out of your house. There is no law. I was coveting it. I wanted your stuff. You won't mind if I blow the top of your head off either since there is no law. Thou shalt not kill, who cares. Jesus is Lord. He did it all so I don't have to. I can take the Lord's name in vain, there is no law. I can serve any god I want to. There is no law. I can even worship money, and idols, and graven images. There is not law. Jesus nailed them to the cross. I don't need to even go to church or pay tithes. There is no law. I can do what I want to serve the Lord my way. There is not law to unite us under one common goal to get eternal life. So. I can eat drink and be marry because I am guaranteed a place in the kingdom. I don't even know why that old Bible has anything about a judgement. Jesus did it all. Listen at how that sounds. But that is what is taught. We are free in Jesus. No laws. No commandments. Just obedience. Does that make sense?

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No Torah, then there's no moral way to live our life. That is true.
No first 5 books of the bible, then there's no moral way to live our life...
Do you feel that NT is devinely inspired?

Of course it is, but that is not the foundation for holy living. Our holy standard of living starts in the Torah. Yeshua would tell you the same thing.
No Christians dont follow such teaching.
Thats why Paul said it was wrong to use the grace of God for licentiousness.

Thats correct, therefore the Torah is to be kept.
Yes Christians do follow this. It is the Pagan Christians who do not.
"...Yes Christians do follow this. It is the Pagan Christians who do not..."

Hebrew Israelites are Judaizers and you aint even Jews. Hahahhahaha!
What are you talking about Sister Newview?
No Laws, No Morals

You just had to go there.

Fasten your seatbelts . . . .
I knew Brother Watson and Brother Trevor would not post in this thread.

You're correct. BHI's are legalists, but not I, or any of my fellow Torah-keepers on here are. We hold fast to the salvation that comes through Yeshua.
Amen!!! Brother James.


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