Scripture :Proverbs 24:16

For a just man falleth seven times, an rise up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

    Some times we as Christians become frustrated when dealing with life struggles, and it causes us to feel disconnected.

The thing is we must first realize that Christ died because of what he knew we could not be and that was perfect. That is the reason we thank God for Jesus! If the enemy can get you to believe every time you mess up that God will throw his hand up and pronounce your benediction. At least that’s the way I use to think, so to keep that from happening after I went out on Saturday I would go get saved every Sunday, I know you will remember this Minister Russell. (Smile). One thing I was thinking was I didn’t want God to get me! I just wished it would have dawned on me the real reason Jesus really died, the reason we have Grace and Mercy, and the reason a man fall. It was not like I wasn’t taught these things cause I was, It was I just had a hard head and wanted to do what I wanted and not what God was calling me to do.

     The word says we will fall, but get back up! The enemy will have you to believe God won't  forgive you but Jesus is proof that he will. So remember just get back up.    By Evangelist Williams

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Dear Sister Evangelist:

When I saw your post, I thought I was reading my own testimony!  We seem to have been through the same struggle over and over and over again.  I had got so tired of being up and down.  Glad for the grace of God, but I was disappointed in myself because I just knew deep down inside I could live better for God than what I was doing.  Something was checking me down in my spirit and telling me to "let go and let God."   I kept wondering what it meant until a visiting evangelist at my church preached on it.  It was "let go of the old man nature, the flesh, what was making me stumble time after time, and let God's Holy Spirit take control of my weaknesses.  It took awhile, and some more trials, but I got to a place where I wasn't making the same mistakes over and over, just new ones less and less as I keep growing in the Lord.   Before I get to full of myself, I have to remember Jesus is still going to have to get around to delivering me when folks cut me off in traffic!  And don't let me get started about my sister's ex husband, I need a 10 day fast to blow off that blue-black ball of steam.  Let the church say amen!

Any who!   There is a post I think is good for us both by this powerful sister on BPN name of Evangelist Willie B. White.  Its called TRANSFORMED.  PULL IT UP.  She's got a sweet spirit and she knocked it out the park.  Sisters, lets keep praying for one another until the trump sound.  We need each other.

Love you in the Lord,

So glad you were Blessed its time for people to encourage each other the kingdom suffer violent but the violent take it by force. I too need delieverance in that area lol. As for your sister ex rember your not a trash can God want you to keep your sprit peaceable even when it hurts. Sister always when God gives a word its because you cant take Egypt to Cannan. We must loose egypt mentally so i am praying that God allow you to cross what ever red sea your dealing with and i loose peace in you and decree we comming out love you sis


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