By Jamye Wooten

Social media networks have been ablaze this week following a recent announcement by President Obama. Black clergy who have been in a prophetic slumber since the election of the President have begun to speak out.

On what you ask? Could it be the Presidents signing of the $662 billion National Defense Authorization Act, the assassination of a sovereign African leader, the Presidents’ Race to the top and the privatization of public education, drone attacks ,or maybe his signing an extension of the Bush’s Patriot Act.

No, no something far worst than murder and the neglect of the most vulnerable. In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts the president announced his support for same sex marriage. “I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” Obama told Roberts.

And the tweeting began. The comments from black clergy ran the gamut, from praise to condemnation.

In an interview with Tom Joyner, Rev. Ja­mal H. Bryant, pastor of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore,suggested that the President had some explaining to do.

The reality is, President Obama better be in some black churches real soon clapping his hands, singing Amazing Grace and waving that right hand because the black vote is going to be very critical and apathy may win this election if we don’t get on the ground,” Bryant said.

Bryant later penned an op-ed entitled, “Pastor Jamal Bryant “Jilted” By Obama, But Still Believes In President”. The article praises Obama for his accomplishments, expresses Bryant’s disappointment, but ultimately concludes that he will continue to support the President.

Bryant also seemed to be offended that the President didn’t forewarn black clergy of his forthcoming announcement. Bryant stated that the announcement was sudden and “without any warning to the Black church community.”

But does the President really owe the Black Church a warning?

Had Bryant naively mistaken invitations to White House for Faith-based Roundtables and Easter Prayer Breakfast as genuine access to the President?

Note to Black Clergy: If you are invited to the White House and only leave with a full stomach and a photograph, access has not been granted. Your roll is simple, pray for the President and mobilize your congregations to the voting booth.


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