I wont be voting and I am getting texts from all over that they wont be voting.

He just went along with Gay marriage.  Well I was his BIGGEST supporter and it was the majority of black christians that helped get him in - no the GAY MAFIA. 

But he has been bought with a price.

I am saddened today

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Hi BeYeHoly,


You said:

"...Obama's ethnicity, family image, smooth eloquent speech, electric personality, and economic promises literally put professed Believers in a trance and led them to set aside Biblical logic and spiritual discernment. And sad to say, many "Christians" will do the same thing this upcoming election because their political decisions do NOT flow from the teachings of Jesus Christ. I mean, for crying out loud -- Obama has finally come out and OPENLY endorsed same-sex "marriage" yet the overwhelming majority of black church folk will STILL support him anyway. It doesn't matter how many policies and positions Obama endorses that GO AGAINST Scripture -- he WILL get the support of most church folk, that's just how it is. . . there is an apostasy and people don't KNOW Biblical doctrine, much more APPLY it. "


He is a beautiful man and so blessed.  So was Saul (who was before David)  But he fell.

Did it make him not originally blessed to be king by God?  No.

Solomom - another blessed by God.  I'm not sure if he even repented of his sins. I think he is doomed. 

 Didnt stop him from becoming King though.  Yes I think it goes:  'God putteth down one, and setteth up another'

We asked for a beautiful intelligent kind man to become president.  God answered our prayers. 

He blessed us with a really wonderful president. 

So God is faithful - even when we are not. 

Now we must repay our God by opening our eyes now that we are no longer blind and move from here.

We must ask our that our president listens to Godly counsel and repent and if he does - we can vote the way we should. 

I know I AINT voting for no racist republican.  And I diont care how much they quote the word of God.

Racism is devilment.

Sad day in America.  Sad day because black Christians show how far from Christ's love we are.  One issue. One issue! One issue?  Supporting gay Americans has caused black Christians to dump Obama?  A people whose strength was formed by oppression have become the oppressor.


Its a piling on of the same issue over and over in 3 years forcing real followers of Christ to see its end.  Cramming this agenda down the throats of the Body of Christ was going to cause an outcry.

If you like, look to heaven and tell God his Word is the oppressor.  We're just his children and immune to attempts to heap condemnation on us for love of Christ alone.  Tell our homosexual neighbors and advocates Christ loves you and still saves all sinners.  But, also tell them he says, "Go and sin no more."  John 8: 1-11.

Amen Phil. 

Gerald Palmer, 

In an interview about his "faith" President Obama denied that Jesus is the only way to the Father and said that there are many paths to God. He denies the Biblical truth that anyone who rejects Christ will perish in their sins and be destroyed at the 2nd death. He holds hands with Islam and quotes the Quran with joy and reverence. Yet he mocks the Scriptures and takes them out of context to advance his inclusionist pro-homosexual beliefs. He endorses same-sex "marriage." He supports the abortion practices of Planned Parenthood and EXPANDED abortion by sending our tax dollars overseas to fund abortions in 3rd world countries (including Africa). He insulted the very same black church folk who voted him in office by calling them "homophobic." And the list goes on. Yet you claim that Believers are "far from Christ's love" by refusing to support a man like this? You can't be serious. 

He's not, dear Sister.  And there's nothing you can share or say to alter that.

The stuff you are talking about has been taken out of context.  Watching snippets of speeches and interviews on youtube doesn't count as the truth.  And if you don't know, Bush also sent money overseas for planned parenthood services.


Lastly, the black church is homophobic and it is being seen by the world.  The black church is not alone though.  What a stain on the message of Jesus Christ.

The sin of homosexuality is the stain, not God's word.  What apostasy is this?

Call us homophobic.  To those follow Christ, your attempt to shame us is laughable and futile.  And  what sin Bush did, is still sin,.. what sin Obama does is also still sin. 

We are so proud of our witness to the world finally awakening, and being seen and heard by all against this abomination.  Now is time for us to join our other imperfect, but 'blood-bought' nonetheless, brothers; all the true believers, the Catholics, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, etc).

Pray about salvation, since you call evil good, and good evil.  Being made free from sin is Christ's message - brother.  Not freedom to sin how and whenever one wills. 

What is the sin of homosexuality? 


That was a real question.  I want to know where you are coming from.

Dear Minister,

You asked:   "What is the sin of homosexualtiy?"

 I ask you : "What is the sin of incest? What is the sin of humans having sex with animals?"


That question was for Phil.  I already know where you are coming from. 


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