I wont be voting and I am getting texts from all over that they wont be voting.

He just went along with Gay marriage.  Well I was his BIGGEST supporter and it was the majority of black christians that helped get him in - no the GAY MAFIA. 

But he has been bought with a price.

I am saddened today

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I was born a heterosexual & will die a heterosexual so I can act like I don't care if two people get married to be political correct, but deep inside I know I'm against it, but if two bisexual or gay people been living together for years go to a church, City Hall or Vegas to make their relationship legal, u know what? SO WHAT!!!

I don't think gay rights is the same as black folks rights, but it's almost as if a whitemale America say O.K. black folks have human & civil rights am I suppose to support them? I'm a Aryan, Indo European, Indo Aryan, Nordic & my ideology is that my race is supreme over all other races. But that's just it, black rights ant the same as bisexual & gay rights because black folks don't feel supremacy over bisexuals & gays, how can we when there are a lot of black bisexuals & gays?

So I don't feel like I have to support bisexual or gay marriage.

Back to your topic, I still agree with 90% of President Obama agenda. The President may have lost a lil' support from me, but he has waaaaay tooooo much on the table that I agree with to lose my vote. It's like President Bush, I agreed with maybe 40% of President Bush agenda. President Bush was against Bisexual &  gay marriage & I agreed with that part of his agenda, but that was only about 2% of his agenda because gay & bisexuals have been living together for years so making it legal really don't mean anything to me. 

Let's make one thing clear, President Obama & Vice President Biden support bisexual & gay marriage, not crazy bisexuals & gays acting like they don't care & there is nothing society can do to them because they been screwed up the rear.

I personally feel it's tooooo many bisexual & gay people living in the closet to the point the President don't know how many votes he may lose if he don't support same sex marriage. I may not agree with same sex, but I will still vote for 90% of President Obama agenda so President Obama may have lost some support, but one thing is for sure he won a lot of votes.

He's been weighed in the balance and has been found wanting.

Im not voting for racist Republicans but Im not voting for the president.  I feel sorry for the president.

Do you know how many prayers have went up for him to become president and to stay president (as in safe)?

He had a choice - he could have believed the word of the same God who's elders laid hands on him at  different church events or in the halls of the White House.  He could have. 

I will still pray for him but my God has bigger things for me to lean toward.  Its called the word of God.

I have always prayed for Barack to be a righteous leader with understanding to lead this nation.

It was his choice.  He chose what he thought was more important.  Actually i dont believe he even believes in same sex marriage - but its a poliltical calculation and sadly - he lost his faith in God.

And then someone told me that the church he used to belonged to (Rev Wright) subscribs to that point of view - that men can marry men and women with women - so I should not be surprised.  I am not surprised but I am saddened.

I will be removing his bumper sticker off my car.

May he stay safe and repent of his sins.


Yes, it is a very sad time, but times that the Word of God warns us about.  They have made a SIN legal...even the country folk knew better.  But to God be the Glory, if ALL true God fearing Christians take up the banner and start marching with those who are already out there opposing this, then and only then will God's word prevail.  We must not let Obama dictate what the World need, when God truly says If MY PEOPLE who are called, HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY and TURN FROM THEIR wicked ways, He promises to heal.  Lord help us....we that are Christians keep allowing the enemy to think he has power, but if we walk in the Power that Jesus promised, NO WEAPON shall prosper.  We MUST continue to pray and get out from those building walls and make things happen, and not just on Sunday.  We have all these mega churches, what are those leaders telling their congregants?  Are they just saying let us pray or are they saying lets get out and do something about it...this is a Jericho moment...it is time to make the walls come down.


In Love Sister Denise

Amen!   He lost five I know of, sadly.  He didn't want his "full evolution 'or truthful revelation" to come full circle until after the election.  That kinda makes me feel as if we as AA Christian voters were being used or punked, if you will.  Gays have successfully hijacked the Democratic Party and subjugated its leader with their abundant contributions.  Now they demand "tribute"  from everyone as their spoil. If we don't concur, then we're shameful bigots and intolerant hypocrites.  Dem. Party spokespeople openly boasted on MSNBC they wouldn't lose AA/Christians because we would follow where we were lead, and how we affirmed the gay lifestyle even in our staunchest committed Christian circles.

What I wonder now is if we in our "Christian witness" have conveyed to them that our "walk" is for "show" and not a "lifestyle, too."  Maybe our "love walk" needed to say to all of those embracing homosexuality that  "yes, God loves you and we love you, but God delivers and sets the captives free, first and foremost". 

     Obama is part of this world system.  Why is his ideology surprising?  Kindgom mind set is not moved by this world's agenda.  It has all been preordained from the foundation. 

     One nation under God?  He had better keep supporting Israel.  It is grace and mercy that continues to thwart these terrorist attempts.  Don't let God remove his hand of protection from America.  Regardless, you are still protected if you are Kingdom.

     This thing is not about Obama.  It is bigger than Obama.  It's about, you know who.  However, we are to pray for those in authority.  Pray that they do the will of God.

I dont plan to stop praying for him.  I really have been so proud of him and have prayed diligently for him to be wise and safe and to seek out godly counsel. 

I wont ever stop doing that.  I would do that for my brother, husband, neighbor, cousin or son who became president.  I truly love him.

But I can't put him above God - this way Obama will have prayers up in heaven that hopefully God will listen to on his behalf no matter what he gets himself into.

I hope the church does not vote for him.  If they do - God will judge us first.

Well said.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to want God or our prayers.   This stance is his conviction.

Amen and Amen to the both of you.  WE all must continue to pray.  And we MUST remember...thatt THEY have always been against the President from day one will continue to be, THEY never wanted a black man to be their boss...so this may be a tactic of his.  That if HE is for it they will definitely be against it....LOL  They have always banned against him since he's been in office and I will bet that is probably why he did what he did....LOL  Let's just hope and assume that he made this move because he knows that everything he has tried to do thus far they have denounced by THEM.  Every policy, law, or agenda he has put forth THEY have shut it down.  And last but NEVER least, God is STILL IN CONTROL and the prayer of the RIGHTEOUS availeth much....Let get down and dirty on our knees and send up some REAL TIMBER....Amen.


In love sister Denise

Obama has always supported same-sex "marriage." He attended an inclusionist homosexuality-embracing "church" for years (Trinity United in Chicago). Jeremiah Wright was his "pastor" -- and Wright has been performing same-sex "commitment ceremonies" for years. 

When Obama started running for president, he pretended to be struggling with the issue of same-sex "marriage" and said that he "only supported civil unions" in order to gain the "Christian" vote (black, white, and otherwise). It was only a political act, because the whole time he always supported same-sex "marriage" and attended a "church" that taught homosexuality-embracing theology. Then once he got in office, he finally admitted what he ALWAYS believed. . . . that homosexual couples should be allowed to "marry." Then to make matters worse, he had the NERVE to quote Jesus teaching about "treating others the way you would want to be treated" as some type of "biblical justification" to support same-sex "marriage." Excuse me?? The golden rule does not (in any way,shape, or form) imply that Believers are obligated by Christ to endorse ANY type of sexual sin including homosexuality. According to the golden rule, Believers should pray for homosexuals and share the Gospel with them because that is how WE would like to be treated if we were perishing in our sins -- not have some inclusionist take Scripture OUT-OF-CONTEXT and misuse the name of Jesus to promote/endorse sexual perversion.

Furthermore, Jesus is THE WORD OF GOD manifest in the flesh (John 1:1, 14), and in the Old Testament the Word of God prohibits homosexuality and calls it an abomination. Then in the New Testament, the Word of God says that homosexuality is sinful, perverse, unnatural, an abuse of the human body, and that anyone who doesn't repent of it cannot and will not enter the Kingdom of God. So when false "Christians" like Obama try to use Jesus name and statements out-of-context to justify homosexuality -- they're showing you LOUD and clear that they're Biblically illiterate and devoid of the knowledge of Christ. 

It's good that Believers are putting Jesus Christ first by retracting their support from Barack Obama this time around, but they really should have done their research before they voted for him the first time because he ALWAYS supported same-sex "marriage." To be honest with you, his voting record on abortion alone should have been reason enough for true Believers not to support him in the first place -- plus his right hand of fellowship with Planned Parenthood. When he got in office, one of the FIRST things he did was OVERTURN an executive order which PREVENTED our tax dollars from funding abortions in 3rd world countries including AFRICA (and people thought they voted for a "black" president who cared about black people). Change we can believe in? Not. . . . 

Obama's ethnicity, family image, smooth eloquent speech, electric personality, and economic promises literally put professed Believers in a trance and led them to set aside Biblical logic and spiritual discernment. And sad to say, many "Christians" will do the same thing this upcoming election because their political decisions do NOT flow from the teachings of Jesus Christ. I mean, for crying out loud -- Obama has finally come out and OPENLY endorsed same-sex "marriage" yet the overwhelming majority of black church folk will STILL support him anyway. It doesn't matter how many policies and positions Obama endorses that GO AGAINST Scripture -- he WILL get the support of most church folk, that's just how it is. . . there is an apostasy and people don't KNOW Biblical doctrine, much more APPLY it. 

Good word.

We can overturn his delusion/deception over our people by intercessory prayer to God, the Father.  The early Church broke Peter's bonds, delivering him out of jail, without an army of men or angels with prayer. 

"Is anything too hard for God" Jermiah 32:27?

Let a handful of us commit to began praying for our people, join us.  If PO dropped 7 pts after this incident in NC, alone.  God's hand is already at work.  There is already a Gideon's army heeding this call, so please be encouraged.  


Here's a SITE so you can join your FAITH AND PRAYERS TO OTHERS WHO WILL NOT BOW THEIR KNEE TO BAAL:                                  


                                       The #1 Black Christian Internet Newspaper

                                      2 Kings 6:16,17. etc, etc, etc, . . and AMEN!!!

Be blessed.


Excellent Word - but Obama does not have the last say and God has predestined every outcome before the foundation of the earth....so it shall be.  Also, it is still a State by State vote, not matter what he believes or don't believe.  We as Christians just need to stand on Gods principles and Word and do as He commands and that is to pray for one another.  And I still stand by my first post and will still say what God said....If MY people who are called.....you know the rest!!!  Amen....We will continue to lift ALL our leaders up in prayer and maybe just maybe they too will give their lives to Christ.


By the way, you have also enlightened me on some of his theological background as far as his church.  I know nothing about his church or pastor, but I pray that he does have the opportunity to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and begin to do the commandments of the Lord.  Actually, before I voted for him, I was not interested in his past, but I am since this issue have risen.  Thanks for you post too.


In Love Sister Denise


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