I wont be voting and I am getting texts from all over that they wont be voting.

He just went along with Gay marriage.  Well I was his BIGGEST supporter and it was the majority of black christians that helped get him in - no the GAY MAFIA. 

But he has been bought with a price.

I am saddened today

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Scripture is where I'm coming from. 

First the Torah, as dictated to Moses by God personally; and the NT as dictated to the Apostles by the Holy Spirit.

Phil, bad theology is the culprit here.  There is nothing in The Bible that supports some Christians response to the gay community.

The Holy Spirit bears witness and gives instruction and correction in line with scripture. 


You said:

"... his voting record on abortion alone should have been reason enough for true Believers not to support him in the first place -- plus his right hand of fellowship with Planned Parenthood..."

For me that is no difference in dropping bombs on innocent brown babies far far away - but NO BODY seemed to care about that and still consider themselves Christian. 

So there you go - it would seem hypocritical for Christians to not want tax dollars to go to places that assisted women killing their babies not born yet but want their holy tax dollars going to the war machine that is killing little breathing, laughing, crying, suckling, crawling babies ARE born already.


#1) I hope you aren't assuming that I support innocent bloodshed through war, because I don't. 

#2) If someone doesn't support innocent bloodshed (through war or abortion), then why did they vote for Obama the first time around? That's inconsistent. . . .

#3) Military spending increased under Obama's presidency (research Obama and the Military Industrial Complex).

#4) The loss of human life within the womb is just as atrocious as the loss of human life outside of the womb. It's hypocritical for a Believer to support a political leader who promotes either. 

Which man have you voted for that is AGAINST war period?

Tell me who that blessed man is?

If there isn't a Biblical choice, then I opt out. It's that simple. I don't vote for the sake of voting (not that I believe the ruling elites would actually give the common man voting-power to dictate who sits in the most influential political office in the world). 

The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one, and that doesn't exclude the American political-system. This system presents us with the illusion of "different options" when in fact we are only given the 'choice' to vote for either globalist A (painted as a Democrat) or globalist B (painted as a Republican). So. . . . while this nation votes, fights, and debates over which godless politician will sit in the oval office, I will continue to share the Gospel, pray, and give God control over what happens to a nation that is trying to do everything within their power to exclude Him & the principles of His Word.


I'm not mad at you.

If you have NEVER voted while walking in Christ because all of these politicians come short of the glory of God and they all seem to be wicked and part of this world's system - then bless your heart.

I say God bless you.

However, if you have voted while in Christ - who did you vote for that is against war?

I need to know that wonderful man.

#1) I don't opt out of voting because a candidate "falls short of the glory of God" -- every human being has fallen short of God's glorious standard, so human fallibility isn't the issue. The issue is when a presidential candidate actively and intentionally *endorses* that which is against God. If they understood that "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" they wouldn't support and condone things that are sinful. 

#2) Since I've been in Christ, there hasn't been *one* presidential candidate that wasn't teamed up with the military industrial complex, the abortion industry, the homosexual agenda, or the interfaith/inclusionist push. 

Therefore - you have never voted.  Is that right?

More of us shall and will follow this concept. 

Talked to many believers in several groups after church yesterday who can't decide how just they will voice their dissent, either a total "no show or an PO you must go" vote on election day.

Its painful watching Christians I know and love going thru "withdrawal," over our president, me and my house, too.   But watching us take a stand for Christ, because we see what's really at stake over the short and long run, brought tears of a different kind.

Guess the sleeping giant of the true Body of Christ has stirred from their spiritual SLUMBER.  Its past time for us to join our Christian brothers (Catholics, Evangelicals, ANYONE who serves God rather than man, (or PBO); and do what we gotta do.  Bickering with people who think they are more upright than God is pointless. 

Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered.  Rest assured, believers, God WILL have the last say.


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