I wont be voting and I am getting texts from all over that they wont be voting.

He just went along with Gay marriage.  Well I was his BIGGEST supporter and it was the majority of black christians that helped get him in - no the GAY MAFIA. 

But he has been bought with a price.

I am saddened today

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Brother Phil - there is a saying  "Dont be holier than God"

I like that saying.

Hey Newview, . . guess what?   I like it, too!

Matter of fact, that's what we've been telling PBO, but it seems he's having trouble with his hearing.

You can talk about my momma next if it'll make you feel any better!. LOL!  If my witness offends you, it means God's making some headway

Just whatever it takes, . make sure you call on the name of Jesus before that trump sounds!   Irregardless of what you think of me or anybody else,.. make sure YOUR NAME is in the Lamb's Book of Life.  I'd hate for you to miss out on the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of heaven!  

But hey, not to worry, .  I 'gotcha back' on that, too.  Yep, I sure do. You see, God already done told me I could hold the door for him on that day and look out for any of those that "straggle in."  LOL  

My mother used to tell me over and over again:

"Where there is life - there is hope. So dont kill yourself"

So my prayers are not going to end for Barack.  I love him like I love my brother, husband, neighbor, cousin, etc...  Its as if my own brother was president and he said he was for gay marriage.  I wouldnt vote for him - but I would not stop praying for him to be wise in leading this country and I would not stop praying for his salvation.  And I aint gonna stop praying that he has a change of heart.

The Lord can help him repent.  Although I would hope for his sake that he does it on his own because it wont be painless when the Lord does it.

Dear one,

That's why all of this hurts so bad.  He IS that brother, nephew, cousin, etc. 

Not one soul here has stopped praying for him, or is going to stop because all of us love, loved or still loves him.  Were it not for our love and service to 'God first' we would not be having this conversation. Its caused all of us to draw a line and "choose ye this day", . .  We would still be in full fellowship with him 100% ,  Nothing would make any of us HAPPIER than for him to repent.  If you would, please pray for all that are as sad as the both of us.


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