How dare you do what was/is being done to the brothers and sisters here in America in the 1800's and thereafter!  They took people of color lands and left with nothing but the shirts on their backs and you want to do it in the motherland!  You have bumped your head!

And don't send Monsanto to Africa either with their poisonous food!

Enough is Enough! Internet Security&version=

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@Brother Phil "As I said before, there's no excuse for saints to be combative over what's already spelled out in scripture.  This is beginning to reveal hints of personality conflicts, or even egos perhaps, etc, ,(1 JOHN 4:1)"

God made men and women equal...Mary was always with him and was told to go tell his disciples, in hiding, he has risen!

Good word!!

Who is Matt, anyway the current situation with the increase activity in the gay rights movement is to be expected because just as it was in the days of Noah so too shall the last days be so whether we like it or not it must come to pass for prophecy to be fulfilled.

 The description of the one that shall be reveal as the anti christ state that he will not DESIRE WOMEN. This could mean either he think himself so highly to have no need for anyone or he is gay. The Bible does not say which just that he will not desire woman but the way in which things or moving and if the end shall be like in the days of Noah then it is probably be that he who will be a miltary and political figure is having the stage set/prepare for his arrival. Who knows, there is certainly something in the air what with the staged collapse of the world finance in order to usher in one common currency and the already movement towards mini united nations through coalition of pockets nations i.e most of europe already joined, the secret alliance between america/canada the alliances between the west indies and no doubt there will be a coalition betwee african nations with this move of Obama and the middle east that is the one to look for because the minute alliance between them happen which can only come through a peace treaty then we will be on a downward spiral towards the rapture because certain things must happen the great fall away which have started then the peace treaty in the middle east which will cement the one world goverment then the compulsory order for the chip to be implanted which will signal the rapture.  So these things that is happenning now must play out.

God, help us.

say what....

the president is for all look at to much fox news.....what about a mormom faith....


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