Moving through the impossible, each day brings challenges for the followers of Jesus Christ; so the question would be; “How do we operate through the impossible” How do we maintain our position of order in a disorderly environment? We are taught that all things are possible through Jesus Christ in Philippians 4:13, yet many of us fail to reach for or go beyond the impossible because of what we currently see!!



When the Apostle Paul taught on this lesson, it was meant for us operating on the ability of KNOWING how to live skillfully on little…………In Matthew 25:23 we are continued to be awakened to possible impossibilities from Jesus Christ, as long we maintain our position of Faith & Patience….Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things.

More than just mere words, but a series of strategically placed prophetic words spoken into our lives with a guaranteed promise…should we choose to have faith and patience, we will experience earthly success which awaits us through the promises of God!! There are many teachers who have taught on similar subjects, which resemble the giving of monetary funds in order to receive the same in return, this type of capitalistic type faith-based teaching is only half the truth, so much of what we receive in the form of information is distorted and all that we receive is only temporary!!


Part II (Posted 06/13/2010)  


The harvest does only come through the sewing of seeds, yet those seeds are not just suppose to be monetary, but include time, love, patience, grace and faith.  We are followers of Christ, that is why we are called Christians, simple lesson I’m sure you would agree, but interpreted in error by too many Christians as we operate through the impossible. 


This lesson is designed to open up your thought pattern, to awaken your spiritual man to The Right Now Access we have as True followers of Christ.  We say it, meaning the scriptures….yet we do not always understand that which we say and hear, because of the interpretation and direction of the doctrine for personal gain from the teacher. My goal over the next 10 weeks is to show you, tell you and teach you how God allows His word to operate in our impossibilities through Christ as we follow Him!! Over the last decade there has been a massive increase in capitalistic type faith-based teaching linking our blessings to money, this has increased church profits, church attendances and also has taken us in another direction on how to achieve and access our earthly wealth as children of a king.


Part III (Pasted 06/14)

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