Pain & Gain Anyone Download Pain & Gain Movie 2013 Want download Pain & Gain Movie With your Friends Pain and Gain, Michael Bay’s “Point Break with bodybuilders” movie (which is actually based on a true story) starring Mark Wahlberg and The Rock, hits April 26th, and just screened at CinemaCon yesterday to, um, reviews. The big question is, does Michael Bay still remember how to shoot human beings after three straight movies about robots? The good news is, he never did!

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Here’s a new clip, which in just 42 seconds manages to lay out the Michael Bay blueprint for a scene. His secret? Every minor character is just one over-the-top, skin-deep gimmick, which then becomes both comic relief and plot point. In this case, it’s a gun store clerk who turns out to be a huge Stryper fan. The Rock and the boys tell him they’re cops, and he doesn’t believe them, but The Rock sees a Stryper sticker on the register and tells the clerk that they’re actually doing security for Stryper. Pretty soon he and the clerk are singing Stryper together right there in the gun store and everything works out okay! Haha, hilarious! Good thing the Stryper sticker didn’t turn out to be from another clerk, or any number of other infinite, more interesting possibilities!Paramount Pictures has released the first two clips from director Michael Bay’s dark comedy Pain & Gain.  The film is based on a true story and stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as two bodybuilders who get caught up in an extortion ring and kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.  The first clip focuses more on the film’s humor than its flashy visuals, as we see Anthony Mackie’s bodybuilder character receiving questionable health care from a characteristically humorous Rebel Wilson.  The second clip shows the three of them trying to kidnap someone.
“Pain & Gain,” based on a true story, follows three steroid-addled fitness buffs who try to boost their meager incomes by kidnapping a wealthy client. Mark Wahlberg plays the gang’s leader and Dwayne Johnson is one of his followers. “Pain & Gain” was directed by “Transformers” filmmaker Michael Bay. The film, made for about $26 million, was forecast to have sales of $21.9 million, the estimate of Box Office Mojo. Paramount is a unit of Viacom Inc.

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“That’s actually fairly typical of what we’ve seen this year, movies opening a little light,” Sweeney said. Noting that most films post a significant drop in sales after the first week of release, he said, “We’ve seen with movies with a strong A- list actor like Mark Wahlberg that the movie can play fairly well over a couple of weeks.”

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