Most Pastors’ wives signing for divorce because pastors love the church (Ecclesia—Jesus’ wife) more than their wives. They pray and fast for the church and never for their wives. They can sacrifice for the church and never for their wives. In fact, most Pastors are committing adultery with Ecclesia (Jesus’ wife). They abandon their wives at home go out with Ecclesia nearly every day. No wonder the church is growing and their wives are groaning and dying silently. Most pastors’ children are fornicators and thieves. Why! Daddy is never at home. He is busy with Ecclesia. Daddy has more time with Ecclesia (Jesus’ wife) than with the family. Daddy spends more time teaching people to be righteous and has little or no time teaching his children to be righteous. Daddy-pastor has appointment with people but never with the family. Daddy calls and encourages Ecclesia often and calls his wife only when food is ready. As a matter of fact daddy’s wife and children need to make appointment before they can talk with their father. Most Pastors’ wife and children are frustrated. In fact thousands of them have already tabled a spiritually divorce bill to God. Have mercy God. Men of God please love and pray for your wives. Leave Jesus’ wife alone. If your wife is okay, then Ecclesia is fine too-because You + Your wife + Your Children = Church. Thanks.

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