A few Sundays ago,I had the opportunity to speak at the morning service of a local
pastor friend. As I walked up to the pulpit I noticed that he and his other male
associates were all made up. I understand that they are doing a television broadcast
but these guys looked like Little Richard. It really made me feel uncomfortable.
What does the bible say about men wearing make up? I would like opinions as well
as scripture.

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This is a stupid thread.
WE all agree on this point Ben
I concur Rev. Luckett . . . .

No further comments from me on this one.
Bro Luckett,

Why the difference in offense - compared to when one is on camera to cover up blemishes and off camera?
He still would have blemishes...
I dont get it.
"...As opposed to not being on tv, there is not a need for makeup."

How so?
If a man has blemishes - he has blemishes. I dont see your point.
You said that before. I understand that the makeup is to hide blemishes while he is on TV - which you are saying - is fine.
What would be the problem with him hiding his blemishes when he is NOT on TV?
Blemishes are there whether their taping the show or not.
I dont get it.
I personally don't know of any man that would want to wear makeup since it was originally designed for women. The makeup used by the media for men, especially, is just for the purpose of hiding blemishes and making their faces look smoother.

Think about it, if you saw a man wearing makeup (face powder, rouge, eyeliner, lipstick), what would you think of him? All of these items are what women wear to not only hide blemishes, but to make ourselves look more attractive; at least that what they were originally designed for.

This kind of stuff goes in cycles. Every few centuries certain aspects of our society - wore/wear make-up.
Before TV and film - you had men of the upper crust that wore make-up. You ever see painting of Eurpean gentry? -They even wore fake beauty marks and they had more women than most straight men.
Furthere back than that you had male Egyptians painting the outter edges of their eyes.
Just a few centuries ago - right here amongst Americans those in authority or the more wealthy wore powdered wigs. Powder wigs with curls represented authority and wealthy among the men and women.
Ala George Washington.
But now - you have rock stars that do it without impunity.
It's all cyclical.

But what I am digging at is - WHY is it OK to be a dandy while the cameras are rolling but not so much when they stop filming.

I still dont get it.
I agree Bro. Luckett.As a former acess cable television Producer/Director I see your point. When I see Dr.Clifton Davis on tv on "Praise the Lord" as a host for example, fine but when not on before cameras and hot lights that's another thing andsomething isn't really right with that picture.
I don't cut anyone into pieces. I put down false teaching, period. If the best she could think of is asking about is make-up on a Preacher, then I feel for the sister. I don't mean to offend, but let's use some common sense.
Thank you my sister. You said everything I wanted to say perfectly. God bless you.
Actually Evangelist Walton, you brought up a subject that is address loosely in scripture, in Deut. 22:5 men are not to wear those things that pertaineth to a women and women should not wear those things that pertain to man.

Of course this scripture is speaking of clothing, but a deeper meaning can be discern from it, liers cannot enter the kingdom, transvestites are displaying a lie.

The spirit behind these issues must be address, now the ministers that you saw more than likely had pure motives, however, as we women know, the best applied make-up is not visible, but the goal is to look natural. You saw that which was unnatural, and it made you unccomfortable, do not apologize. Just pray


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