Please explain the HISTORY OF THE BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES in this country

Bro Pharoah, Bro Hez, Bro Zealot, Bro James, et al...,

Please share some specific history of the BHI here in this country.
I am interested in how your denomination came about and what branch of Christianity did it spring from - if it is a branch of Christianity. You may be a totally separate religion.
And since it is what your doctrines are based on (slavery) - please give me the timeline from 17th century (1600's) to now.

Maybe then I can see where you guys came up with what you are into.

Please share.

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I thought you were Black Hebrew Israelite - what are you?
"...I cannot give you any history on them..."

James, give my YOUR religion's history during the 1600's and 1700's all the way up to now.
Because you tell me about now and you tell me about the bible days but you have not shared much outside of that.
And Look @ This dirty evil commandment keeper ,the nerver of him,to read the bible and world history, right there in front of my face and make it all make sence, these black hebrew israelites, choosen of the most high ,every time i think about them oooooooooohhhhh , it's taken over my life now my life mission is to prove they are not the people of God ,and we can all follow Nv&Zoey the leaders of the first ever "black hebrew iraelite hate group" watson and trevor can team up in there catholic preist suits and go out in halem and fight against the forces of evil or they can dress up like ninja turtle's and infotrate learn how to read the scripture then come back teach us then we can use it against them,

I wondered if you all knew this is how you are talking??? LuvNoMalice---BruthaPharoah

Hezekiah,James and BruthaPharoah,

I would really like to know your nationality and your faith if you are not a Black Hebrew Israelite.

For example,
I am a black woman, born and raised right here on U.S. soil; born again believer who follows Jesus Christ which makes me a Christian, and I am a member of a Baptist church.

I cannot and will not claim to be an Israelite because I have no tangible proof - such as DNA. And, as far as I am concerned, it is insignificant because it has no bearing on my salvation nor my faith and trust in God.
You have no faith that the scripture is true Sister Harris. It is as simple as that. It can be proven by history and scripture, but you have a hard time believing the commandments are even good, so how are you suppose to grasp something like that being an Israelite.

What has your babbling about scripture got to do with my DNA to prove my lineage especially since my name is not written in the Bible like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

Why not answer my question - if you are not a Black Israelite, then who (or what) are you?
Better yet? Do you really know who you are?????
I know who I am. Do you, is the question?
sister harris ,
it is all in the book ,the end ,from the beginning ,every word that proceedth out the mouth of the lord ,do you think the lord left all this lineage for you to skip over ,no he's telling you who is who ,doesn't that make sence , i'am not asking you to believe ,that you are an Israelite ,as i'am saying to you ((((( the son and daughters of slave here in america and scattered abroad)))) are the only people in the world who fit the biblical description of israel Now if you opp not to look at the scripture and concider what is being said then, Concider conspircy theories don't you think the lord, has told you in, these scripture. In Dan 7 ,the one that would come out of the fourth beast(forth kingdom to bare rule over the entire earth) and think to change times and law ,don't you need to know who this is?? (((((this Has never been about race never ,how could I keep the righteousness of the LORD and be a racist,)))))
Sista you in oppose to bro.Watson Know there are conspiracies in this country, the LORD doe to these people are not moving under the lords radar No sista pat he has told us these thing's dan2 tells from babylon to the coming of the LORD's coming of the lord of the kingdom Sista pat concider the consiracies against our people in the sixtie(cointelpro)(ps83:3-8), how they place people in to these groups (the panthers and groups as such) souly to make mockery of the group to pit one against the other , this is who the Israelite community has found these israelite ISUPK and others guys who act as such to be,there is no way possible for you to read this Bible and get that kind of behavior as representation of the God of this Bible ,none of us(israelite's here) follow this teaching
brother zeal, is on a level all on his own in having an overstanding on scripture ,or he has the gift to make you understand or bring to mind proper prospective and has always remained a gentle man,
bro. jame doesn't even believe he is an Israelite ,and has alot of learning to ,he is easily mislead into ,foul back and forth commenting(with watson who has said foul,and childish thing to) i would say to you bro.jame be angry sin not ,this is a test of your character,.unless you bridth your tongue, you keep "torah"in vain, the tongue the worst member be forever mindful of this in conversation(lifestyle)
bro.hez is ful of knowledge and zealous to get it out there,(the burning jer20:9) and in defence of his passion, he is easily bated into senceless babbling(2tim2:15-16) be forever mindful this is designed to pull you "off your square" and that when you subscribe to the surname you become clear israel/ are you giving these guy room to look at you as 1 of these ISUPK guys???(bold and over aggressive Truth Cop of the world) be forever mindful (john4;22) (john10:3,27) the LORD is the Revealer,you hav no right to place any determination(or post scripture on there determination for that matter) on any of these, because they all reserve the right to be saved . as did the theif on the cross beside Yahshua. so being full of knowledge, build good report, of righteousness that other can receive,what is clearly the fruit of god

i hav seen, sista harris, you understand some of these things ,(not change your beliefs,but acknowledge the possibilty of the notion) such as the sacrificial law ,i also seen watson basic xcommunicate you because you merely said it could be as such,not change your beliefs merely say hey this could be true( Isaiah 8:11-13) ,@ the same time this man does not believe that this country could not kill it's own people ,when you and i know exactly where were @ and what people are capible of this belief alone makes me believe that he has hidden/or other agends,i never said he was a mason,i asked he said no that was the end of that with me (hez ran off with the notion and put them in the boule ((((FUNNY)))) not me,i place no judgement on watson i will say he has dodged all my questions him and newview whom i think, thinks this a racial thing and feel the need to defend her white,and black side by making it a no never mind thing when i'm merely saying(black, negro, ni@@a, eygption,ethopian,nor african whom is an roman italian conquer of that land mass we know as africa google Akebulan) i am none of these descriptions they hav left me to be, i am an israelite,
Amen !!!!
Hez, What do you man 'Amen!!!!!' ?

What the heck did he even just say?
That was wild! Hahahahahaha
And genetics say you are a west african..history does too.
love no malice sista zoey the his story we have been left ,only says you were found in west africa
how did the falashan jews end up in ethopia???
this is the same way they got to west africa where hisStory begins
google Akebulan, lets move into some real knowledge


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