Please explain the HISTORY OF THE BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES in this country

Bro Pharoah, Bro Hez, Bro Zealot, Bro James, et al...,

Please share some specific history of the BHI here in this country.
I am interested in how your denomination came about and what branch of Christianity did it spring from - if it is a branch of Christianity. You may be a totally separate religion.
And since it is what your doctrines are based on (slavery) - please give me the timeline from 17th century (1600's) to now.

Maybe then I can see where you guys came up with what you are into.

Please share.

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BruthaPharoah . . .


Hezekiah & BruthaPharoah . . .

The scriptures are clear on the nation of Israel being scattered. But still, do you know where YOUR specific roots are located at this time? In other words, which of the 12 Tribes are you from and where are some of your descendants located?

Eccl 12:13 was gracious enough to respond with honesty by saying 'No" he cannot provide proof of his lineage through one of the 12 Tribes. And, I can't help but admire his honesty. It was a direct question as indicated above, and I received a direct and honest answer.

You and Hezekiah on the other hand cannot provide proof and your pride won't let you admit it.

So, now who is playing childish games as you seem to keep accusing Newview of doing?

Peace in Jesus

Again, you are bearing false witness, because I have never done that. I am not the one, and I am not BHI.
James, you got me going in circles and wearing me out in the process...WHO AND WHAT ARE YOU?

I practice biblical Judaism.. That is all you need to know.


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