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plese pray for me i am un able to execute my works intime.

friend from INDIA JK.

I am praying for you,   You can do all things through Christ that strenthens you.  Is there anything to hard for God?  No there is nothing to hard for the Lord.  God answers prayer.


Please pray for my family to be closer and to get along better. A special prayer request for my nieces Jocelyn and Phaedra for strength and guidence, for my nephews Jaushua and Ronnie for faith in the lord and guidance that some day soon they with come to know the lord. I thank you for making this post Be blessed. Alecia
We are praying for you and your family, we expect God to move greatly for them.  The Word of God says,  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Praying for more direction and clear direction in the Lord ...So far how he wants me to serve....It seems like some of deeper desires of the Lord are never fullfilled getting discouraged...

Pray for a man leadership he is allowing a woman to control his ministry . He's 
Trying to move forward in the lord and the people he has with him are their for
Status only. He is allowing his weakness to be manipulated to the point where he is
Deceiving the church. Pray that this woman and those around him don't keep him from
Doing god's will for the world. Pray that he is delivered from any secrets or lies.

Prayers going up not a problem.


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Good Afternoon. I have no other option than to resort to this means to contact children of the living God for help. I am Hassan Musdafa. I was born into a Muslim home. In my early days in school in my town (Plateu State) my parents wanted me to goin the anti christian religious group (a restive Islamic group(boko haram and alamajiri)) against the Christians As they are core Muslims.

I resisted them and ran out of the house because they wanted me dead. Life is really telling on me because I depend on nothing to survive. I want to be educated pastor.

I have taken this bold step to write to you, a living church and child of God for help. I wish God in his mercies will touch your hearth to help me.

Please I need support to carry on. please be pleased to be a life changing instrument in the Hands of God. This is the reason why we are all living as my pastor will always say (TO INFLUENCE PEOPLES LIFE POSETIVELY WITH THE THINGS YOU DO). May God bless you as you do this.

May God bless you as you find it in your heart to help me.

please pray for me and my family we are under the clutches of witchcraft and evil presense that is detroying my family our work and income.  Theere is no love or care in teh family only physical abuse, hatred and now he needs to divorce me and leave us. please pray for us

Jesus - please bless and keep Lisa and her family in the center of your will.

Keep calling on God and tell an elder what you guys are going through - maybe they can provide some hands on assistance as well as prayer.

Greetings in Jesus Name!


Please pray that the curse that is on my life be lifted, forever removed.  I know the Devil is working overtime in these latter days, and I have assurances in His Word he will not God is Supreme!


I am a single (never married) American Priest in the Old Catholic Tradition who has been teaching English in China the last 5 years.  It seems things in my life are always upset, unsettled....from job to personal relationships. 


I am now forced to leave China as I am 64 and above the age to obtain other teaching positions and I have no where to go. When I came to China, I sold my house and all I have is what I could carry and a few things I shipped.  All my family are gone, American friends won't/can't help.  I am very healthy, ready to "go get 'em" and want the opportunity to be what god wants me to be.


Pray that there will be opened a path for me to see and understand and to know where to go.  Country location is not important........just need something that gets me a visa and money to live........and the opportunity to Preach the gospel.   I must leave China the first week in May when my visa chance to renew.


If you can help me out, email or telephone me......


Praise God that he hears and DOES answer prayers.

His humble servant,

Rev. Dr. David Abe 


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