Hello i was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I had someone to walk up to me today and ask me about my hair which i have a mo hawk and she ask me what do a preacher look like with a mo hawk. I told i don't know what a preacher look like the bible dont say how a preacher suppose to look. If i'm wrong can someone please let me know where i can find it in the bible. thanks alot

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Thank u so much for your comment.

To be honest yes sir i would go to a doctor that have a mo hawk and that have tattoos and a lawyer who have blonde hair. Its not the doctor or the lawyer hair and tattoos that makes them better. I have 3 tattoos that i got before i started preaching. I just dont understand because mo hawk or no mo hawk i still do whats right and my hair have nothing to do with my praise and me serving the Lord
Did you get you mo hawk baptized? Im just playing. I have to agree and dis-agree. Hows that. Because your right we shouldnt judge a person by his attire or what he or she eats. However, since you are now a leader for God you must represent him to ALL people. NOt just the skaters or the bikers, but ALL people. Now i am glad to hear that you are open minded about the doctor and lawyer thing. BUt their job and yours are 2 different. You must always be prepared to give an answer to Gods people. If you dress the part to only appeal to some of Gods people you are leaving alot out. Remember, its not the outside that attracts people to God its your words, its Gods words that he gives to you. But people wont listen if they first dont like what they see.

Its crazy becasue kids and adult that have mohawks dont look down on people with haircuts different from theirs. And thats the main point. You need to be listened to by all,.,.not just a select group. If I were to run around in a thong twisting my nipple rings, even though I know scripture and the love of God is in my heart, I am only going to reach a very rare and select group. No i dont have nipple rings.

So you must ask yourself. Which is more important. The mohawk and the select few, or a look that all including your mohawk friends and the other squares ( i think thats what were called) will look and more importantly listen to. God choose you for a reason......Choose him back.
I have preach to older crowds but i have been preaching youth services lately. And no I didnt get the mo hawk for style. I got it because i wanted it and i didnt think that it would be a problem. And i preach yesterday with my mo hawk and had 3 young people to come to christ.
I would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for your comments i have learn alot from you all thank u very much
The most important thing here is you are getting out the word of God and bringing souls to him. Wheather it be one or a million....it makes a difference and God needs you. Sometimes what we dont understand we think is wrong. God sees the bigger picture. Maybe you are right where he wants you.
i think out of all the responses your is the best God said in Lev 19v27 so that settles it.


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