I have observed the great number of prophetic vessels in this day and hour...but there is one thing that, has caught my eye...there are some Women who are called to the office of the Prophet hood....but they don't take on the title of Prophetess but they take on the title of Prophet...now scriptural speaking the scripture does make a precise division of the 2 a man can not be a prophetess...but can a woman carry the title of Prophet in today's church???? I am curious thats all !!! I believe God can use whom ever he desire male nor female, bond nor free...but is there a problem with the using a male title when you are a female?



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Hi brother in Christ!

Be blessed in the precious name of our Lord Jesus-Christ!

Indeed, a Woman can prophesize as a Man.
However, a Woman can not become a PROPHET in the sense equivalent to that of Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Zachariah, Esaiah, John the Baptist, William Marrion Branham and so on.

For more details, I'd like that you search and read entirely my message intitled: "WOMEN OF


It's available on the Forum and my websites below.


Bro. Germain

Dear Man of God,

You raise an interesting question. Perhaps my findings will accommodate your answer. Personally I have yet to meet a woman who refers to herself as a prophet instead of a prophetess. Yes you are accurate in stating men are referred to as prophets in the scriptures. Should people continue to read the word of God and study the office of the prophet regarding women, they will find all of the mentioned women who carry this mantle mentioned in the scripture are referred to as a prophetess.

The office of a prophet / prophetess is one who communicates or interprets messages from God as a person who is authorized to speak for God. During the Hebraic, (Hebrew), times the prophet's message was called a nebu'ah, or "prophecy," sometimes it was also termed a vision, oracle, or burden, however it was mostly identified as "the word of the Lord."

In the scriptures there are five women mentioned who fulfilled the office of the prophetic:

(1) Miriam - Exodus 15:20, (2) Deborah - Judges 4:4, (3) Huldah - 2 Kings 22:14, (4) Isaiah's unnamed wife who gave him a child - Isaiah 8:3, (5) Anna - Luke 2:36

As you read each one of these verses you will notice not one of them was referred to as a prophet but rather as a prophetess. There is no mention in the bible which refers to a WOMAN as a prophet. The word prophet is the male term and prophetess is the female term.

My husband and I once heard a prophet in a revival say God would never place two prophets in one house under the same roof. He was not accurate in this comment. Why? Isaiah was a major prophet and his wife was a prophetess which is clearly shown in the scripture in chapter eight verse three of the book of Isaiah.

God had instructed believers to study his word. As we obey him in this area, we will become careful what titles we create for offices we claim God has called us to. For instance in Ephesians the word Co-Pastor, Suffragan Bishop, Prelate, Reverend etc are commonly used titles today not mentioned in the scripture yet men and women use these titles. The word reverend is only used in the book of Psalms which reads there is none reverend but the Lord.

Man of God we must continue to pray for clarity and understanding to advance the kingdom in these end times, rather than focus on titles. There is so little time. Jesus is soon to come. I pray this answered your question.

Stay Blessed!
Pastor Alecia Beam
Sound of Judah Faith Ministry
amen woman ofGod...i did do further study in this matter...after posting this.....the scripture in judges brought new clarity...if you look in the original herbew text of the scriptures it says..."Deborah a "Woman" prophetess" does this not show us that there maybe male prophetess or female prophets? i agree titles...are not to be the main focus of our works here on earth...it was a question that i pondered many of days...but now i have a better understanding! thanks for responding be blessed!
Trust me they SOON will be want to be known as "prophet" as well.
I can't stand to hear a woman call herself an "elder."
These women want to bring their feminist movement in the church and that is NOT of God- in any way shape or form.
It's amazing how the church can change in the Word what it wants but will stand on what they don't agree with and will call you a heretic for not agreeing.
Inconsistent hypocritical church folk is what I call them.
Personally a woman can call herself what she wants but the word "pastor", nor "bishop", nor "elder" will ever cross my lips in regards to a woman.
Lol yea its me!!!
I agree it also applies to men and just as you I don't call someone something that the are not- man or woman.
I don't rip anyone hahahahaaa I just believe in standing up for right and for what I believe.
I'm a good boy!!!


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