What do you believe to be the Prophets job in the church? Many Pastors have said that God only speaks through them concerning the congregation because they are the Shepherd. If that is so than where do the Prophets come in and what about the Holy Ghost in us? Look at Eli, God sent His Prophet to speak to him concerning his son's sinful acts in the temple because he allowed it to go on. So what I am saying is this, if God only speaks to the pastor than who speaks to the pastor concerning the pastor when God needs to get his Word and warning across. The Word of God is for everybody including pastors.I know I have the gift of prophecy and many times I will just keep silent because of the protocol issue and traditional religion, but God is not pleased with this. I believe that God will use whomever he chooses to get His Word across. I think that some pastor's take the title too far and that this is a spirit of pride that has crept in. What do you think? 

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I agree but I believe that it was a part of my preparation by God to keep my focused on him so like I said before while I respect leaders in their positions I do not join the cheerleading team at church unless we are cheering on Jesus. I give honor where honor is due when it is due. I do not believe that people need to continue on a regular basis stand for the pastor every time he enters the room or every time he is introduced they need not forget the real reason why the under shepherd is there not for popularity or recognition but to serve as a humble servant not puffed up and prideful. It is people who have elevate and pumped up some of these leaders to where their heads are swole and they treat God's people like they are beneath them and God does have order in the church as in 1 Peter 5:1-5 which many have forgotten while in the position of leader not oppressor or dictator of God's people.

I know of only TWO real AND TRUE prophets and they don't prophesy cars, homes, wealth and health.


They speak what thus saith the Lord and they don't care what NO ONE has to say about it- what God says they speak and let the chips fall where they may.


We have too many people calling themselves prophets and they not talking anything but foolishness and you can always prove it by what comes out of their own mouth.

Yes it is clearly a fact that prophecy comes from God and there is most certainly more than two prophets in the body of Christ we know that also but my question is do you believe that the Pastor or the leaders of a congregation are the only ones who hear from God concerning the church? What do you think and thanks for your reply

No, I don't believe that the pastor is the only one who hears from God however a leader should not allow everybody to speak "thus saith the Lord" to the house just because they believe they heard the Lord.

I have had dreams. I have had visions; however I am not a prophet, nor seer or any of that. If I am a prophet I don't need a title to prove my worth to the body of Christ- my grandfather always sang a song, "May the work I've done speak for me."

We have alot of people talking about what they are and have no fruit to show for it.

If a person is a true prophet they don't need to advertise this; they don't need to go behind the pastor's back to talk bad about him because he won't allow them to speak.

There is a thing such as protocol and no matter how "anointed" and "gifted" we believe we are the protocol must be followed or a person is out of order and being disobedient to God and the leader of that house.

Just because somebody calls it a "prophecy" it doesn't mean it came from God.

Well said but what if you disobey God by not speaking? who is to say that God has not sent the Prophet to that house? Let's take a look at Eli the High Priest who allowed his sons to do all kinds of things in the house of the Lord, God sent His Prophet to warn Eli about his wrongdoing. While we all know that there is protocol, whose mandate do we follow first? Protocol it man made, but anointing comes from God and along with this anointing God gives you the spiritual discernment to know when to speak and if it is from God it will be received. I am a firm believer that God uses the body of Christ and it is man that has programmed the congregation into thinking that God only uses the leader to speak prophecy. God gave us a five fold ministry and it is for the edification of the entire body,no big eyes and little u's. We are not supposed to talk about the Pastor or any member of the body of Christ but it is done on a regular by leaders also, no one is perfect. What I am trying to get everyone to understand is God is God all by Himself and it is God who chooses and calls people into the ministry. I believe that every gift that God gives to edify His people should be utilized and not controlled by anyone but God. It is people who has sat such a high standard for leaders that make members feel beneath them. Pastor are to shepherd the flock, encourage them and it is God who anoints them. I do not believe that everyone who claims to be a prophet is a prophet, but I do believe that God speaks through more than just the pastor in a church or we would not need, Evangelist, Prophets, Teachers or any of the such, just pastors. I know that God has at times given me to speak to someone while not openly but personally and while doing the altar God has given me who to pray for and what to say. Once we get to the stage where we realize that we are all members of the same body and that we all need one another and that all gifts work together we can do away with religious practices and traditions and follow the anointing of Christ in our lives.

That is understandable however the Bible teaches us how to do things and God is not going to do anything out of order.

Would you go to your boss and tell him what he should do just because of what you feel or "hear" will be better?


So, why do we treat the shepherd's of the house like they are just hired servants?

If I was a pastor I wouldn't allow someone to come into MY house and tell me what THEY want to do  just because they believe they are called by God.

When I was a little boy in the church they TAUGHT people. You are not supposed to lay your hands on ANYBODY nor pray for anybody unless you've asked them first. You don't need to tell them anything- if God has not told you to tell them. If God has told you to tell them- tell them and go about your business.

We have too many people who want a name for themselves.

Once we are at the stage where we realize that God demands order and obedience in His house then we can get somewhere.

Your position does not excuse you from being obedient to the shepherd of the house.

Protocol is NOT man-made there is scripture that tells us that OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice and if the shepherd of the house says NO then you shut your mouth and be obedient and let God handle him (or her these days)- that's old school teaching not that new mess they teaching today.

How are you going to tell somebody something and you not obedient to your shepherd?

Yes Eli was warned and that was all that happened- he was warned.

If somebody doesn't want to hear you what did Jesus say do?

Shake the dust off your feet and keep going.

That's how you handle that.



Once we are at the stage where we realize that God demands order and obedience in His house then we can get somewhere.

I like this statement but it accounts for everyone under God's direction. I know protocol very well was raised in the COGIC faith all my life but it has nothing to do with that it has everything to do with God. The Bible tells us the "My sheep know my voice" and many times it is people who elevate these people in leadership to the point where they are idolizing them. I know when to be quiet and pray but I have been around all kinds, puffed up, too passive, controlling, mean, humble, strict, old fashioned, biased, loving, hen pecked, whoremongers, and I am talking about leaders. First of all my Shepherd is God the under shepherd is the pastor and when God speaks through me the under shepherd and everyone else filled with the Holy Ghost will know if it is from God because their spirit will agree. It is all good what you say but in the last day only what you do for Christ will last. Obedience is for everyone and leaders are not exempt. I know how to get a prayer through to God because of the life I live for Him, No one is perfect in this walk not even leaders so I do not put them up on a pedestal like most people, I respect them and pray for them because they face the same temptations as we do or even more. I have seen some antics coming from the pulpit that you may have not seen. God has given my a gift that I use in obedience to Him, first. I cannot speak for you but I rather obey God than man and this was written in the Books of Acts concerning the church so do some History search before you speak too highly of your leader less they fall and you will be so disappointed. We are living in a time where the church has no power, divided by denomination when we get to Heaven there will only be one leader and one church. For Christ I live and for Christ I die. The Bible says, Follow me as I follow Christ so when you experience or witness weakness in your leader you have to continue to pray for them that God intervene. I once knew a pastor who was so controlling that the people could not even sing what songs they wanted to sing without asking him first that is oppressing God People in God's House not the pastor house as you stated before. They are hired servants by God which is an honor I love being called a servant of God.


Protocol is man-made and taken out of context: God even allowed Paul to be stricken with a thorn in His flesh to remind him who is really in charge and when people begin to realize that pastors are here to encourage, love, teach and respect God's people and not oppress, boss, insult, control then we will be suitable for Jesus church and not a man made church. We are all members of the same body no big I's or little U's in the eyes of God. Applaud Jesus and that will be pleasing to God. There is a thin line today in the church between honoring your leader and idolizing them and there is also a thin line on obedience and controlling, I refuse to be controlled by anyone outside of God. No where in the Bible does it say that the leader is the sole voice of the church or that they are always right so lets put this into perspective. There are many different gifts in the church that work together to edify the congregation the leader cannot do it all nor does the leader have all of the gifts alone.


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