What do you believe to be the Prophets job in the church? Many Pastors have said that God only speaks through them concerning the congregation because they are the Shepherd. If that is so than where do the Prophets come in and what about the Holy Ghost in us? Look at Eli, God sent His Prophet to speak to him concerning his son's sinful acts in the temple because he allowed it to go on. So what I am saying is this, if God only speaks to the pastor than who speaks to the pastor concerning the pastor when God needs to get his Word and warning across. The Word of God is for everybody including pastors.I know I have the gift of prophecy and many times I will just keep silent because of the protocol issue and traditional religion, but God is not pleased with this. I believe that God will use whomever he chooses to get His Word across. I think that some pastor's take the title too far and that this is a spirit of pride that has crept in. What do you think? 

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My sister I feel you and I understand exactly what you are talking about.We as the Body of Christ have made gods out of the Pastoral office. It is Jesus who is Lord and King of the church and Kingdom. He has sent the Holy Ghost to led and guide and teach and manifest his power and gifts. But if we as the Body of Christ don"t get out the flesh and allow the Holy Ghost to do what he has been sent to do the Body of Christ will never get to full maturity. We need all the five fold ministries to function as well as the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit to reach full maturity.In most places the only office recognize and honored is the Pastors. That is error and not the will of God and the Lord is not pleased!!!!! The truth of the matter is God speaks through whole body! But primarily he speaks through the five fold ministry gifts when he speaks to the body! Not just the Pastors! He also speaks through any body and anyone he chooses to speak through. We have made superstars out of certain well known Bishops,Pastors and Ministers.And disregarded other ministry gifts that God not man has placed in the Body. The good ol 'boy system that's in place now will be torn down!!! Look at where it has gotten us, we have turned into a social club with little or no power manisfested in our lives!!!! Still Sunday is the most segregated time of the week. Still confused about women called to ministry. Still not filled with the Holy Ghost. Still not walking in the Spirit.We have many who follow there denomination's creeds or doctrine that contrary to the will of God. What a mess!!!!! I was told by the Asemblies of God that because I was married and divorced and remarried that I could not be credential and go forth to be a minister in there denomination. That would be real nice when judgment day comes and I tell God well you see Lord they told me that I could not be a minister and obey the call on my life because of the denominations policies. What a lie from hell, what a deception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left as fast as I could from that ministry and that doctrine of devils!!!!! So do not follow man to extinct of error and falsehood. The only way you will know is develop a ever close intimacy with the Holy Ghost to know error from the other junk!!!! We need each other we need the whole body functioning as God has ordained!!!!!! I am an Evangelist called, anointed,ordained and sanctified by LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, let me start by saying what the extreme they went through is a bit much however divorcing and re-marrying (by biblical standards) is considered sin and adultery. Divorce is ONLY permissable if someone had sex outside of the marriage.

Why is it that we act like we don't know what the Bible says when it comes to us but we know every scripture when it comes to someone else?


What the church should have done was sit you down for a short time then let your character be put to the test and then you be allowed to come before the board.


Let's not put God in this if we are not first going to consult HIS WORD first.



MarQ it is a true saying that no one really knows what happens behind closed doors. There was a time when women keep silent about being abused and beaten by their so-called saved and Holy Ghost filled husband and told to just pray and this is one of the most ridiculous things I have every heard of. many women lost their lives by staying and praying. God fixed it my allowing them to get out with their life. So while some things are politically correct, some things are common sense when it comes to marriage and relationships and God. I am quite sure if I left an abusive relationship God would not punish me for it.
A prophets' job is to speak what God is saying to the people or a person; to speak how God feels about whatever matter. He'll use anyone, but there will always be information and revelations He will only allow His prophets to know before others eyes can see, because of their position.
God Bless my sister in Christ, if I may express my thoughts...I think some pastors may feel threatened by prophets/prophetess because they may think if it's really from God they will know and they should be the one to speak it forth. I have been in that position when God blessed me with the prophetic gift. The pastor I was under knew my gift but instead if letting me work freely in my home church I had to write what God had given me to say then give it to him. Looking back I realize what was going on and I asked God was it me, was I doing something wrong and he spoke and answered me and let me know to respect authority but his word is his word and if the leader is intune with the Holy Spirit it will work it's self out by either the leader seeing what God is doing and letting the spirit move or moving you to where you can work in the spirit and that's what happened to me, the Lord moved me to where I am now and while it hasn't been easy I can move in the spirit and do what God has for me to do.

Stay Blessed
Amen I totally agree, while we respect leadership they are not the only one's who hear from God.
It is a possibility that the leader does not want to be showed up but like you said if the leader is anointed by God he will receive what the Spirit of God is saying through you. Sometimes God has to use people to speak into the life of the leader just like the High Priest Eli, he needed to be corrected and God sent His Prophet to do it.

It seems to me Ms. Foster that you have an issue with leadership?!

What has happened that has caused you to have an issue with leadership?!

I am a person who just keeps it 100. I have a problem with people putting these leaders up on pedestal as though they are gods, the are fallible just like we are and until we realize that they are not to be idolized but servants then we can get somewhere. Believe me I have been around all kinds and have witnessed weaknesses in them and sin in them just like the rest of the body of Christ. I was taught very well as a child but then I grew up and begin to listen to God more and man less. I have a problem with anyone who preaches one thing and does not live by what they preach. If you preach about love you must first have love in your heart for people. If you preach about forgiveness than you first must have forgiveness in your heart. I really feel like say "oh shut up and sit down until you walk the walk" honestly. Experience taught me that leaders are just human beings just like us and they have faults just like us so when the Word says obedience that means everyone including leaders.
Founder of the Church of God in Christ once said that he had a vision of a bus load of preachers and they were all on their way to hell. God is tired of the pretending. I am not saying that all leaders are the same because they are not I know some really devout leaders who love God and love all of Gods people not just those that they can control who are genuine, but then there are those who miss the mark and need prayer. The Bible says, (paraphrasing) "it is hard to minister to a broken spirit" and it is especially hard to listen if you are that broken spirit. I understand that leaders make mistakes but you do not just wish it away you make it right, like saying I'm sorry or I was wrong instead of wallowing in foolish pride as if you did nothing. Apologize and move on.
You wouldn't imagine some of the things that I have witnessed in my life time with leaders. As a teen my leader was the reason why I left the church all together.
Believe me, I have had my issues with leaders as well but not all are bad; not all are disobedient to God. There are some true leaders out here.


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