Praise Him Saints ! I know by now everyone heard about the Scandal with Bishop Long. There are questions on every hand. Fingers are pointed and tongues are wagging. My analysis-leave the man alone. Let he that without sin cast the first stone. Let's follow Bible principles in every area of our lives. The Bible says if a brother is taken in a fault, those who are followers  of Christ are to pray for his restortion back into the fold. If we are going to be Judge and Jury then there is no need for GOD.

Let's just make sure we don't slip or fingers will be pointing at us. If we say we are christians- let's act like it. I began praying as soon as I heard, for Mercy right or wrong. For understanding right or wrong. For compassion right or wrong. You never know when it is going to be your turn. Does this make me a better Christian than everyone else. No - it means I practice what I preach. We as leaders are to be held accountable for other believers impressionable nature. We preset certain attitudes in our lifestyle. Make sure you set the right example for others to follow. God Bless!

Prophetess Pastor Teloria Williams

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This is not time for personal opinion, only time for pray
Opinion give birth to doudt

You're right. I guess this subject should not even be open for discussion.
You have the best approach.

Brother Louis


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