I have a heart of ministry and evangelism I ask my youth pastor if we can evangelize to troubled youth in our area, they said we can't cause there are thugs and gang bangers in our area. They gave me the mind set that they are afraid to, but God is leading me to evangelize to troubled youth. How can I change the mind of my church Youth Department?

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I share that same passion as you to go where the need is. Sometimes you have to start with those that you know like Jesus did He went to where the hurt was He didn't stay in a synagogue. I'm not saying disobey your leadership but pray about it and God will give you the words.

Rev. Sidnei
Thanks, will do.
If this is YOUR calling, you can not change the minds of the Youth Department. If God wishes for the youth department to stomp the same grounds then he will put this passion also in the hearts of the youth leader. You may also pray and ask if it is his will and request that it be done.
Herby, how old are you? A lot of the ones you want to reach out to , are in bootcamps, do some research, and find out the qualifications for ministry in these facilities your area. (This may be where your age comes into effect.) Most facilities want 18 or older.

Write up a plan for your youth pastor and present it to him. You are correct that they have a Spirit of Fear, that is not of God, but a lot of saints have not overcome that, or they feel the need not to minister to those that don't look and act as they.

Be patient! but do not give up your vision, God will use you.

if you need help email me at ffugett@hotmail.com
Praise God Rev. Luckett! you be surprised how many want to just work with churched children, that doesn't require fasting and praying, and standing in the gap for another.
Brother Luckett said: Also from my experience, those who are considered to be "hard" and in the gangs will let you into their inner shell when you start to talk about Jesus. They might be caught up in sin, but they will listen to you as long as you listen to them

I agree with your statement about thugs. My husband and I had an experience in Detroit with some of the tenants at our apartment building. Now this building had thugs living in it that were there when we bought the building. As we started to come around as the new owners, everyone at first wanted to display their rough and tough persona. As we continued to come by things kind of mellowed out. An issue arose with our manager and some of the tenants. They were threatening him because of some issues of violation. When we came there, we simply pulled them aside and talked with them as the Lord lead us too. I must admit, I was a little nervous at first, but they didn't know it. As the conference continued on we established an air of respect between them and us.

There after the tenants would hold the door for us when we arrived. I once stood outside with them while my husband did some work inside. One of them began to ask me how they could get into real estate because they were expecting a settlement from a lawsuit. I gave them the best possible advice I could.

I told my husband when Obama won the presidency, that he could walk through the streets of Detroit with his wife and kids and all the thugs would be telling people to back off and let the man through. They would probably we better protectors than the CIA. They would try to beat down anyone who wanted to use the President as target practice. LOL

I will say this however, that in witnessing to Thugs and gang bangers one must we wise and know how to speak there language. I may be saved, sanctified and filled with the holyghost, but I knew exactly how to talk when we dealt with our gang banging tenants. Respect breeds respect. You don't talk down to or at them. You talk with them.
Unfortuantely, this spiritual mentality may be larger and more widespread than we know becuase this could not only be with Young Thugs/Gang members but anyone who doesn't wear a Brooks Brother Suit or drive a 500 SEL coupe which would identify possible concerns towards the work of evangelism in general. I agree about presenting a ministry proposal and also prepare yourself for this area of ministry. The following is required
Prayer - The conversations and revelations you will experience will affect you. Also prayer will prepare you for everything. Understand this point: just because they are thugs don mean they aren't familiar with God's word.
Patience - Street Ministry is a seed planting ministry. During alter calls or confessions of faith, many will come but may not stay. They will change their lives when the cause for changing their lives becomes greating than the cause for stay in the game.
Preparation - networking is key and essential to reaching within the inner workings of a gang/club/social group/neighborhood. Realize that most people know the church and have a opinion about the church already, therefore breaking down walls and barriers comes with the territory. Remember names and use names - you can gain credability if you mention family names of people who currently attend your church that they may know.....always helps.
Plan - know which area you are going to visit using a planned strategy. don't just float or wing it
Promise - never promise what you can not deliver. let your yes be yes and your no be no. sometimes people will draw you in to get from you what the can until your well runs dry and then leave. dont be upset but know the Con is always present. (just being real)

Walk by Faith in this new area of ministry......Remeber, obedience is important but to who/whom is most important. When God plants a seed inside you, please don't seek man approval for God's plan. God will provide.
"And no man takes this honour upon himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron" .Hebrews 5:4.
If it is God that is sending you, He will back you up. Be strong in the Lord. This step can launch you into your ministry and bring about great harvest among this people.
David Wilkerson started something like this many years ago and today, we have Nicky Cruz and other people in the kingdom...
When I started Ministry, most people didn't believe nor support me but today they all want to identify with me and the ministry.
On a final note, keep away from sin. Live a holy life and God will use you beyond your imagination. Epheasins 3:20.
All the best my brother.

For further assistance, email me: millionsouls@yahoo.com and we can also send you some materials to help you.
Thank you!
Thug'n, and gang banging is who I was before Christ came into my life. Alot of people are afraid to minister in that area because they do not understand. What they don't know is that thugs listen to people that are respectable. Even if there is not a quick turn around in there lives, a deposit is made. Even with this being said, it can still be dangerous, and everyone is not called to witness to everybody. Ministry begans with our testimony, and is often most effective when we minister in an area that we have been delivered from.
You said:

......" I have a heart of ministry and evangelism I ask my youth pastor if we can evangelize to troubled youth in our area, they said we can't cause there are thugs and gang bangers in our area. They gave me the mind set that they are afraid to, but God is leading me to evangelize to troubled youth. How can I change the mind of my church Youth Department?" ....

I say - Go. Go in the name of Jesus! Go Go Go.
And may the angels of God camp 'round about you as you are about the Lord's business.
What a wonderful and serious burden the Lord has layed upon your heart. Now ----> Go!

just go with what god is telling you to do i am working on doing the same thing


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